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The Megalodon Rises


A few months back I was being a fussy little baby. Niero took time out of his day to personally email me and ask me what was wrong. That was very cool of him, and I'm sorry I never responded. I intended to, but because I didn't sit down and do it right away it kind of got lost in the shuffle. I didn't really have a lot to say anyway. I was just frustrated, really, with the all this "gaming journalism" stuff these days. But you know what, it's not my website and if Niero wants to post movie reviews then he's more than welcome to do it. After all, he knows best. I still remember the uproar when the quick posts were introduced, and that's now become a beloved part of the site. Thanks for writing, Niero. I really appreciate it. Last time I "complained about content" on a gaming website, I got banned. But you wrote to me to ask what was wrong. All I wanted to say was I didn't agree with some of your decisions. If it were my website, I do things differently. But I don't have a website, or do I?

The answer is yes. Now I do.

You might remember back in May I posted a rallying cry, because that was the point where I was at my most frustrated. I've really been wanting to run my own site for ages and ages, and my first attempt, as you might know, didn't work out so well. This attempt almost ended as badly. I just want to say that the comments I got on that post were so depressing to me that they made me literally want to give up writing about games forever. Basically, that call to action was my final attempt to pull something together, and almost every person wished me luck but declined to help. Most of the responses boiled down to "I'm not good enough to contribute anything." I saw a lot of you guys wanting to give up forever too because you never got recognized or your work wasn't being appreciated. Nobody gets that more than me. I have probably been blogging about video games longer than most anyone on this website (since 2004, if you're curious) and really have nothing to show for it.

I had only gotten one enthusiastic message, from Titannel. He wanted to help part-time, which was great, but I needed more than one part-timer. I don't think you guys understood that there wasn't going to be a website if nobody volunteered to help with it. When I saw everyone's responses to that post, I was shocked. It wasn't how I thought things would go down at all. I was very disappointed in you guys, and it made me really sad. In that moment, I decided everyone was right and I should just give up. I literally wrote a farewell post announcing my retirement from games blogging forever, and intended to pull down my original post to replace it with that one the next day. There's still a draft of it in the post editor.


Then SuperMonk4Ever saved everything. His message to me was so positive and enthusiastic that I became reinvigorated. Basically, he shared my vision and was ready to commit to it and build something new and exciting. So the three of us got to work and created The Megalodon. Now, I'm not here to steal readers away from Destructoid or even leave here myself. I think we can coexist together because we're not trying to do what Destructoid does or what anyone else does. That's the whole point! Our vision is more like "the Nintendo of gaming sites". Everybody else competes over the same stuff, and we're just chilling over here doing our own thing. We'll be like the Switch to Destructoid's PS4. Having said that, our direction will be focused on what readers want to see, so we're taking feedback. For the time being, we'll be in "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" mode. We what to know what sticks and if readers have ideas or suggestions for us.

Basically, the site isn't going to be doing cookie cutter news posts, but instead focus on fostering discussions. The plan is to use social media for quick news snippets and other fun stuff like YouTube videos and the like. Just to give you an idea about the site content: Right now I've got some reviews in the pipeline, a couple of fun lists, a retrospective on the Halo series and where it might go in the future, a few game previews for upcoming stuff, weekend music playlists... and that's just me! Who knows what SuperMonk and Titannel have in store!

So join us, won't you? Help shape our future. You can read my Sonic Mania review right now!

P.S.- No, this does not mean I am leaving. It does mean I won't be blogging about video games here any more. I might blog about other things though, particularly now that Dtoid covers other things. Also, it's not my intention for Titannel or SuperMonk to leave and never return either. I haven't told them to, nor do I want them to. If they disappear for some reason it's their decision. My guess would be because they've become too busy. At this point, the community means too much to me personally and I don't think I'll ever leave even if I have to go undercover.

- A witty saying of some sort.

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