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My Collection - Part 7 - Wii and Wii U- The Good , the Bad and the Ugly


I was not going to buy a Wii, I thought the controller gimmick wasn't fun and that the underpowered console wasn't going to get enough support to warranty a buy, I was wrong, completely so, I discovered that when a friend invited me over to play some sports games in his Wii, I was hooked from the start, there was no way around it.

Not only were the motion controls extremely well implemented,  third parties flocked to the Wii like it was the best piece of hardware the market ever saw, there was a lot of shovelware, but there was also lots of exclusive titles that only Wii owners were able to play. I wanted in.

I'm not going to lie, I pirated Wii games for most of its lifecycle.

Yes, I was a Pirate

You see I had little money and I wanted to play video games (while sustaining a family), installing a chip and using an HD to play games was a dream coming true and I enjoyed it. When my conditions improved I started to buy games but that was already during the Wii U initial years.

Thus, most of my experience with the Wii is has an dirty pirate, now living in a better financial condition I do my best to undo my mistakes by buying the games I loved to play .

No recrimination shall be throw towards people that still pirate, I know that some of you do it because there is simply no other way to enjoy games, just remember to buy the stuff you like when money is not a issue anymore.  

With the Wii U things were very different, I had a great time with the Wii and the Wii U seemed like a nice console that would keep me occupied with lots of good games, that Zelda Demo with the giant spider put a spell on me.

Although the Wii U came following the success of the Wii  it failed due to lack of third party support and the slow first party release schedule that let many of the first console years pass with almost no launches.

To kick the dead horse a little further don't forget that the tablet controller of the Wii U was never properly used (not even by Nintendo first party games).

I really thought scenes like this would happen in every Wii U game

Even with that I still like the console, it has some nice gems and its ending years were somewhat bittersweat (with lots of good games), I still hate its region protection and the backwards pratices related to its online services.

I enjoy collecting games, statues and action figures and with this blog series I shall share the current state of my collection, system by system , figure by figure, butt by butt. 

Today I show you my Wii and Wii U game collections ! 

So many piles, so little time to play'em all

Mostly I focus my Wii collection on classics, Okami , No More Heroes , Metroid Trilogy , MadWorld and Little King's Story are games you should play on the Wii even though some of them have versions on other platforms , the Wii versions are special and deserve a at least a playtrough due to the motion controls which shine a very special light on the gameplay of these titles.

I do like Metroid Other M, even though most people dislike it completely ( I just don't like the history), that Fire Emblem there cost a lot of dough.

Don't forget the Mario Galaxies ( great games) ,The Last Story , Xenoblade and Pandora's Tower ( great JRPGs that came with operation rainfall) . Zelda Skyward Sword ( I don't hate it anymore) is a good game too.

A shame we won't see an Tatsunoko Vs Capcom sequel soon, it was an super ultra fun fighting game .

 EXTRA ! My only Gamecube game ( yes I just got this one title).

Wii U had many good games , and some not so great too.  Devil's Turd is there to remind you of that.

Project Zero deserved a wider western physical release, just to play it I imported a UK Wii U ( damn you region locking), Rodea the Sky Soldier is a great game (just remember to play the Wii Version , its far superior).

Xenoblade Chronicles X is there thanks to Solar Pony Django ( I shall never forget you ). Of note there's three Zelda games in the Wii U but none exclusive to it , coincidence? I think not .

Star Fox 64 is still my favorite Star Fox.

Dio would be proud of this stuff.

Next up : SNES and Famicon.

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