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Need Input, Stephanie


Hi, it's been a while. I haven't seen some of you for a while. Y'all good? I'm no fan of hello and goodbye threads (I find them a little bit needy) but fuck it now, I'm committed. Since it's me, this is not your typical hello blog.

I would like for YOU to introduce yourself to ME.

Why? Because I want to get know you and play tickle-tickle-nyuk-nyuk.

So please introduce yourself. If you already did years before, please do it again. If you're new and we've never touched butts, please introduce yourself and we can start now. If we got off on the wrong foot let's start anew. If you're not interested in starting over fresh, kindly fuck off motherfucker. 8)

When you leave your comment introducing yourself could you be a dear and kindly add two things about you that are real facts, kinda like this:

Hello, I'm LuckRequired and have been a member for ~4 years. I live in Engalaaand, Oi Oi! Have never killed anybody yet and enjoy phishing.

Fact A) I'm a British-Asian who can't math.

Fact ii) I once farted in poorly ventilated public transport in 35' degree heat on purpose. Fuck 'em.

Of course you can add as much information as you want, it's up to you how personal you want to get. No matter how insiginicant you feel your contribution may be, it does matter - as you do. So please say 'hello'. What the heck, let's all get to know each other a little better again, yeah?

A quick reminder of who and what I was before I ended up in the 'Batcave' tied up, gagged and forced into a little outfit. I used to be the awesome asshole who called everyone a motherfucker that no-one took notice of or cared about. I was a YouTube star and internet sensation in my mind. Because of my fame and popularity I was invited to stand on many red carpets in carpet stores – I always made an impression. Fans and supermodels threw themselves into my lap whenever I ran them over in my Prius. At my Kayne West level of notoriety I was even considered for a judge's position on American's Got Talent but passed on the offer because I hate jury duty. Then one day, while commandeering the local play-park for myself, a masked man led me to his car by enticing me with fake nudes of Darren Nakamura, locked the doors and drove me to his home. He wore me like a glove and played me like a fiddle. I was his puppet for 13 months. A few weeks ago I escaped the 'Batcave' while captor was looking the other way. And now, I'm sort of back here pretending none of that happened. While I have promised myself that in time I will do everything in my power to unravel the mysterious identity of my jailer, for now I intend to distract myself by shitposting here. Hurrah, I have returned! So, how have you been?

OK, in boring reality I disappeared because my PC's mobo was the victim of a drive-by to the knee and could no longer render 32-bit graphics or understand how scroll parallaxically. I use my old dual-core now just because I can. One day I'll fix it or buy a new rig. Also, I think I started to hate video games. That didn't help. However I feel about video games nowadays, I still feel like talking mucho shit about them regardless. So, now, much like a convicted felon who has served his time I want to reintegrate back into society. Accept me or I'll cut you and burn your house down. 8]

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