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Ye old Destructoid wallpapers from yesteryear


So there I am thinking to myself after some certain recent events: “Man I should change my desktop wallpaper. Maybe something Destructoid related?” So after some minor research, I discovered a post right here on Destructoid from 2007 with exactly that! From Destructoid contributing artist Virtualgirl (originally Meagan VanBurkleo) who now and days goes by Meagan Marie @MeaganMarie and also happens to be the Senior Community Manger at Crystal Dynamics! (You know, the folks behind Tomb Raider!) Talk about humble beginnings right?

She created these wonderful wallpapers back in the day of Rihanna's Umbrella (Ella ella eh eh eh) was hitting the air waves on her community blog, however sadly the 1920x1200 variants she uploaded to a Flickr account which no longer exists.

So I decided to take it upon myself to go ahead and upscale these with some Photoshop to 1080p and the help of an upscaler a friend pointed out me, to give it the proper HD treatment they deserve!

10 years later, it gets delivered! (Again)

Enjoy! (Link for wallpapers)

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