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Where I've been and what I've been doing


Been gone quite some time, I know. I had starting doing a lot of stuff around the house, major cleaning and putting together new furniture. Went through the couple hundred books in the house and figured out what we could trade in to a used book store because we don't plan on re-reading it. The house hasn't had a serious clean up in years in some areas so that was taking a lot of my free time. I had noticed dtoid was taking up much of that time and I wasn't doing a lot of stuff I needed to, or even some leisure activities. I've been able to start catching up on my back log of games because of cutting dtoid out. Finally played through #Darksiders2, finished another playthrough of Valdis Story, and started Vanquish.

My mom went into the hospital again for a small bowel obstruction. This time she was in for 11 days. She was at a hospital not too far from my house, usually she goes to one that is ~40 min drive because it's a good hospital & where her main doctors are. She couldn't make it to that hospital so she went to the one only about a mile away from my house, not great since it's a county hospital but it's something. I don't drive so it was a good thing. Normally our housemate would take me to see her when she's in the hospital but this time I could walk there on my own.

Since I was walking a couple miles in the heat already I decided to take up jogging. I already walk very fast, usually about 18~20min per mile when I walk if I really want to get somewhere, so once she was out of the hospital I went out and started jogging, working my way up to ~4miles a day in about 45minutes. Nearly 2 weeks ago I was cool down jogging slower on way back to the house, about 2 blocks from the house my right leg just started hurting really bad. I got home and kept hurting, by the next day sometimes my leg would collapse from right under me due to pain when I stood up or tried to walk. Few days later went into the doctors, they prescribed Ibprufon and told me to ice it and relax. It's now been a week and a half and if I keep my leg straight and try to left it up I can't move it without extreme effort. I decided to go back to doctor (dif one since it's urgent care). Expecting I just tore a muscle really bad. The doc moved my leg around and tested some stuff, it didn't really hurt when he did it just when I did. I have Ehers Danlos Syndrom so having a sublex or dislocation is very easy so they wanted to take an x-ray even if unlikely. Tomorrow I'll find out if it's just a torn muscle. I expect it will be and they'll just tell me it will take a while to recover and might need physical therapy.

I really want to get back to exercising, it's not fun but I'd like to get into better shape, even if I'm not in bad shape, thinking about actually buying a new skateboard despite being 31 now. I used to skate a lot in my teens but when I moved from Georgia to California, I had to put board into storage, and that storage is still back in Georgia w/my aunt, and then I got injured at work and lost a big chunk of my 20s, then my mental health really has kept me a homebody. I've been forcing myself to at least go outside more often even if I don't talk to people.

August 1st Mom will go in for a surgery, she has had a weird growth on her head for 20+ years and it keeps growing and is pressing on her spine now a little. They are hoping they can pull back scalpe and just shave it off but they might actually have to remove that part of her skull and fix it, a bit scary.

I'll try and come back a bit more when I can, I do want to do some more artist blogs for sure, I enjoyed sharing those.

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