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I want your Sonic Forces creations NOW.


Look, Sonic Mania is coming and that is all well and good. But Sonic Forces comes out soon, and it looks pretty bad ass too so far.

Apart from being a new 3D Sonic in the vein of Colors and Generations, it also has a tool where you can create your own Sonic fan fiction character come to life.

As someone who is excited to use this to my advantage to make the best character ever, I dreamt up my own hero for Sonic Forces. His name is Chumby the Cat, and he is a radical dude. His catchphrase is "hello i am chumby"

That is "Classic Chumby", but there is a more radical, stylized "Modern Chumby" as well.

As a community, I know we can work together to make some really radical awesome creations leading up to the release of Sonic Forces.

So I want YOU to share your own ideas in the comments section. What sort of characters would you make in Sonic Forces?

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