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GET READY FOR THE NEXT FRIDAY! - A Tekken 7 PS4 Dtoid Tournament


This could be you

If you've been on this site for a while, it's not unlikely that you've felt the urge to give me an old fashioned ass kicking for my stupid shenanigans. Well, now might be the best chance you have to live out this fantasy!

See, the inactive potato formerly known as LuckRequired and I are planning to arrange a Tekken 7 tournament. Everyone is welcome. No dress code. Nobody has to wear pants.

All you need is a PS4, a copy of the game, and the fighting spirit of a thousand retail workers!

>>> Comment with your PSN username to sign up! <<<

It goes down this friday at 21:00 BST. Looking forward to see which one of us comes out as the true Queen of Iron Foot.

See you in the ring!

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DeadMoon   59
Chris Moyse   28
Luckrequired   22
Wes Tacos   17
Luca Blight   13
TheLimoMaker   7
Isuma   6
LoneMak   3



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