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Moving On


I won't spend a lot of time boring you all with the details, but after a very brief return to the C Blogs, and due to a clerical error Niero is too ashamed to admit to making, I was accidentally made a contributor for Destructoid much to the pained sighs and regrets of the other great people doing a far better job than I will ever be able to.

I love Destructoid. I have been visiting it for years, initially introduced to it by the Burch's and their "Hey Ash" videos. I liked the little jingle and Destructoid logo at the end, and came here out of curiosity before decided to post my own Cblog, which I don't even remember at this point. I was famously an anxious wreck the first few posts, taking it extremely personally when my writing was criticised, and it made me want to do better. I am a hot head by nature, even if I've been settling down in my old age, and writing Cblogs and interacting with the (very gracious and patient) community taught me a lot about my own skills, where to improve, and generally how to communicate better with others, even if I still fucked it up occasionally here and there.

I had some run ins with staff and community members I look back on with regret. So I will take a moment to apologize and say how much this place and all of you have meant to me over the years. Your encouragement and criticisms have been extremely helpful in making me who I am today as a writer. And now that I have the task of consistently producing work, I feel like I can improve on these qualities even more. I'll continue to interact here of course, but apart from the odd thing here and there, this is pretty much where I will be signing off on the Cblogs. It's been a slice, and I hope that more people can continue to enter and engage in the community who will stand out and give us all something entertaining to enjoy.

We need you. Destructoid is based entirely on its community. The recent changes being made on the site are positive in this regard; Enthusiast Gaming really understands the nature of what Destructoid is. I can tell you from my very brief and overwhelming look "inside" that the changes are potentially going to be very good for Destructoid. It's the dawn of a new era, so let's all make the best of it. Be excited, be positive.

As to what you can expect from me?

Probably a lot of dick and fart jokes, sorry.

Love you.


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