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Oh JP titles on PAL Wii's, cool, wait HOLD IT!

OK so we all found this out a few days ago or from Dan Gale's post about it that Japanese games are hitting PAL Wii's, so I thought all was well, after checking out the link on Dan's post I see:

"The first of this week�s retro treats is the 1986 sequel to the best-selling game of all time. Super Mario Bros.�: The Lost Levels� was originally only available for the Famicom Disk System in Japan and expands on the original with all-new level designs, trickier enemies and obstacles, and secret worlds to explore. For the Mario purist this is the ultimate gaming treat, but make sure you hurry; this title will be a collector�s item and will only be available for download until the last day of the event on 30 September (all other Hanabi Festival titles will remain available after the event). Super Mario Bros.�: The Lost Levels� is available now for 600 Wii Points."

What on earth is the point of making the game available for only a limited time, what if I'm in Zimbabwe and can't get home to my Wii in time to download it. WHAT DO I DO!
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