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Destructoid, Enthusiast Gaming & Ch-Ch-Changes


'The times they are a changin'' warbled Bob Dylan way back when, and how right he was. Who knew then that his song was actually about the acquisition of our beloved Destructoid with Toronto-based company Gaming Enthusiast, That Dylan sure had some foresight.

The merger is set to provide some of the long-term members of the inner sanctum with much-deserved reward and security, as well as giving Papa Niero a chance to finally take some of the pressures of survival off of his shoulders and share that shit out amongst others. The people that built the good house Dtoid should finally see some solid compensation for the efforts, and hopefully feel a little more secure as wave upon wave of gaming websites and forums struggle to exist in these social-media driven days.

(^ A bit of a cheesy quote, sure, but I think it fits the Dtoid Community pretty snug, amiroight?)

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