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Sr. Churros vs. the Eternal Backlog - Ep. 0.0: You can (not) start it [update]



Play the fucking games Shinji!

[Update: So the next games I'll be playing are already decided! A big thanks to everyone that voted!]

One problem I always had with videogames was that I rarely finish games I start playing. Wait, did I say games? I meant that I never finish every project I start, ever. But yeah, this has been annoying me a lot lately, and I want to change. And is there a better place to start other than with my favorite hobbie?

I got really interested in focsing on clearing my backlog when someone here showed me this neat tool called Backloggery (I think it was Kerrik but I’m not sure). It seems amazing to keep your backlog under control and also has a sprinkle of gamification on top. I made an account and tried to focus on listing only the games from my currently active consoles, games which I can easily find without having to look for them inside my closet or in the attic. I’m not planning on increasing my ammount of weekly play hours, just to use this time in a more focused way.

And I thought about letting the things more interesting by counting with your help! At first I planned to do a pool including EVERY SINGLE FREAKING GAME from my backlog, but when I realized that I had almost 200 titles to finish it hit me how dumb that idea was. So I ended up deciding to create pools with 10 titles 5 titles each, and let you guys choose which ones should be the next.


So I’ve came up with a simple set of rules I’ll follow:


Reduced backlog expansion:

  • I’ll try to avoid adding new stuff to my backlog, but some games are inevitable. (I already know that I’ll buy at day 1 anything Edmund McMillen releases, and that once I get my first full payment I’m getting Night in the Woods, Spark the Electrical Jester and pre-ordering Sonic Mania) 

Max number of concurrently played games:

  • I’m aiming to play at maximum 2 games per category: 2 for PC or home consoles, 2 for portable devices. Ideally I want to only have 1 game per platform, but lide acts in mysterious ways and stuff happen, like, for instance, Sonic Mania releasing in a few months.

Deciding which games I’ll play next:

  • I’ll use a Backloggery tool called “fortune cookie” to randomly select 5 games, and then create a pool so you guys can decide my destiny. I’ll be keeping a “buffer” of 3 next games to play per category.

Removing unbeaten games from the backlog:

  • The only case where I’ll allow games being removed from the list will be when I play something that I discover I do not enjoy playing AT ALL. When this happen, said game will be obliterated from my backlog list. I’ll not mark it as beaten, just delete it. Because I’m doing this to have fun, and it makes no sense to play something I really dislike until the end. 

Putting active games back in the backlog:

  • In the case of a game that I enjoy but I feel it is too much hard for me, I may put it backlog for a while and then try it again later sometime in the future.

Online and multiplayer only games:

  • I still have no idea. They can’t be “beaten” in a traditional sense, but I still want then in my backlog. I would love if anyone have a good suggestion for this.

Laptop’s performance:

  • Whenever my good ol' struggle to run at a playable state a game I’ll put it back in the backlog until I buy a beefier PC someday in the future.

Monthly updates:

  • I’ll try to write a cblog about my progress on a monthly basis, with little mini-reviews of the finished games and impressions about games in progress, and also the beaten/acquired games balance.


So that’s it! Here is the link for my complete backlog. Now excuse me because Chrono Trigger won’t finish itself...

Current Status:


Playing at home - Alan Wake and Super Meat Boy (personal pick, I need to finish it before The End is Nigh launches)

Playing on the go - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Next games to play at home:

  1. Alan Wake (PC) - Pool #1 Results - 12 votes (32%)
  2. Super Meat Boy (PC) - personal pick
  3. Limbo (PC) - Pool #2 Results - 10 votes (56%)
  4. Ducktales Remastered (PC) - Pool #3 Results - 8 votes (50%)

Next games to play on the go:

  1. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS) - Pool #4 Results - 5 votes (33% - that was a close one, huh)
  2. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse(3DS) - Pool #4 Results - 8 votes (57%)
  3. Earthbound (SNES - emulated) - personal pick

Games acquired - None

Games beaten - None

Final monthly game balance: +0


Total stats: 38 beaten, 189 to go


Final thoughts:

I would like to thank everyone voting on this, thanks for being part of it! This month I'll be kind of busy, as I just start to work as an intern and I also have a super mega important college project to finish until July 12th. But after that I guess I'll have plenty of play time to tackle my backlog. Thanks for reading my blog!


Link to my Backloggery profile

- "I’m not trying to bug you babe, but I just got mugged today and I need some money to buy candy bars"

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