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Dipshits already in line for Halo 3 UPDATE: No they're not.


This is an image that was taken outside the Metreon in San Francisco, of the most loyal of fanboys camping out in anticipation of Halo 3...

...Halo 3 doesn't get released for another thirteen days. That's roughly 312 hours. You could play through BioShock roughly fifteen and a half times on the comfort of your couch, but instead you're sleeping on the sidewalks of San Francisco in hopes of... of what? What do you think you're accomplishing with this? That you're going to be the first to play Halo 3 because you waited for two weeks? I have a newsflash for you, pal -- you're on the WEST COAST. You're THREE HOURS BEHIND those on the East Coast. I could walk into a GameStop line at 11:50pm on the 24th, and STILL play Halo 3 for two and a half hours (taking into account traffic and those in front of me) before you even get in the store.

...why am I addressing this to the first person, as though these people are actually going to read this? At most, their laptop has six hours of battery life. Then it becomes a brick. A flat surface to lay their head, or rest their food, or roll their joints because I imagine you'd have to be high as hell to think this was a sound decision.

"Official Story" <-- Shameless Plug #120,423

UPDATE: False alarm! That's an image from the IMAX showing they did yesterday.
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