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Fungza said he was going to make a positive blog to fight all the depressing Qposts and blogs. But tonight I am back there again and the thing is if the world is not embracing me then they can suck it. There has been so many great men and women in this world that started from absolutely nothing and did something that changed how society works, thinks, and feels.

Society wants an excuse to write you off. It does not matter your history and your current standings.

I think that the only way to get anywhere right now is... Endurance in mind and thought. Sure unlike in our digital world where the shifting of many digits in an instant can change a person with literally all the opportunity in the world, to a person with no opportunity. But that is not how the physical world works... As much as humans want to be intellectual and focus on the power of the mind... until life becomes digital and we loose corporeal form and rise into a new form of lifeform. We are stuck in a physical realm. But the good thing about the physical realm is that we can slowly build into something new and better just as long as we are able to keep up and open mind about our situations and accept that we might not be where we want to be now... But every step you are making is going for a dream and purpose that you are slowly building up to.

You might not even know what your dream is, but you can identify a short term goal rush to it create that long term goal.

Cause as much as a society say there is a "quick fix"... there are goals that take a very long time to reach. And it is much easier for society to want you to quit because if you do they have power over you. They kept another person from truly expressing themselves and that gives them the power to control them.

So yeah maybe you think your goals are too high. Maybe you are feel bad because you feel weird because of what you like to do or express yourself. Maybe you followed the path that was going to lead to success and stumbled really hard to the point it hurt really really really really bad. But the thing is that you can learn from even the worst of situations and become knowledgeable in the way you never thought about thinking in the first place.

I know I have scars from my day job. But it is just a step along my way until I can truly get my vision out there.

But you are the weird person that actually finish doing the weird stuff and be the person everyone wished they could be in real life. Like actually completing goals and growing every day.

It is too easy these days to see internet posts of people that have the "easy life" that seaming live the lives you always dreamed of. But I think this day and age of corruption of information and what seems to be true is more or less a huge exaggeration in what it actually took those people to get where they are. Because I think that it was the longer goals that took years and years of set up that lead those people to where they are... and the only reason they are there now is because they were quicker at identifying those goals and putting themselves on the growing mentality track.

I just want to say you all are really an amazing community of very creative people with ambitions and ability. I have seen great people pop out and create amazing things and I don't thing that is exclusive to just those people. I think we all can be those people but it is probably going to take a lot of time and effort and it probably is not going to be quite as enjoyable as the original ambition but I am sure you can we can all make it there.

Just wanted to say you are a great person and totally worth getting yours. Whatever that might be.

Ultimately, you are in control of how you feel/progress/attitude. Growing hurts, but it is the only way to go forward.

Cause once you stop conforming... you start shaping :)

Anyway... I hope this helps.

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