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The Time Has Come. Will you join me?


Guys, the time has come. If you've been following me for a while, you might have seen the blog I posted last year where I talked about how my friend and I made a website back in 2011 that today is known as Twinfinite. I've been saying ever since that I wanted to try again because, even though it didn't work out for me personally, I learned so much from that experience.

I've seen a lot of you guys echoing my own sentiments recently. You've really wanted a job writing about games and you've been trying really hard for a long time but it just isn't working out and now you want to give up. I get. Nobody knows that feeling better than me. I actually sent out resumes to websites explaining my 10+ years of experience, only to be completely ignored. Well, screw them I say! If no one will hire us, then let's hire ourselves! These other websites aren't even delivering the kind of content we want any more. You're frustrated, I'm frustrated, and I just know we're all thinking "Man, I wish somebody would do something."

My question to you is: Will you join me? I've had six years to think about this and plan exactly what I would do if I did it again. With the current state of things, I've decided that now's the time. Now all I need people to work with me because I can't make this happen by myself. This invitation is open to anyone, especially those of you who feel like giving up. To you I say: Let's try harder instead!

If you're interested in this proposition, I only ask that you're willing to accept three "laws" that I've decided are written in stone.

  1. Video games only
  2. No review scores OR five point scale only
  3. No traditional advertisements

And that's it! If you're cool with these three rules, and you want to have fun and maybe someday change the face of garming jarnalizams, then get into contact with me via PM or Twitter or my gmail which is "fuzungoid".


Q&A fine print stuff


Q: Is this a joke? Are you serious?

A: No, this is not a joke. Yes, I am serious.


Q: What is this going to consist of?

A: Last time, I tried to start big and expand fast. That was stupid. This is going to be a gaming only blog right now. That's it. I will probably make social media channels for it like Facebook and Twitter for the purpose of exposure. Anything else like a YouTube channel or a podcast or whatever is all up to you guys. I just want to make a place where we can blog about games and support each other, while hopefully gaining an audience.


Q: I want to get paid. Will I get paid?

A: Maybe. Not by me, though. When I started Twinfinite, we were literally making a few dollars off Google ads. They were ugly, annoying, and weren't making us money. Patreon is our best bet, for now at least.


Q: There's too many Patreons now. Nobody will support us!

A: First of all, that wasn't a question. Second of all, yes they will. Back in 2010 when my friend and I hatched the idea of The Players Republic, Patreon didn't exist, but I definitely would have used it if it did. Trust me when I say that if we're delivering content that readers want and can't find anywhere else, people will support that.


Q: What platform will you use?

A: Squarespace. One of the things I learned is that to build something really worthwhile, you need to spend some money. Squarespace was actually pretty new back in 2010. It was something that I decided we'd upgrade to when we started making money, but we should have just shelled out to begin with. After trying other free options we just went with a custom template in Blogger which was a nightmare. Squarepace has a bit of a slow interface, but it's feature-packed and highly customizable. If one among you has web development experience that'd be even better. I currently have a personal plan that I barely use, and will upgrade if there's a lot of contributors. It's like $216 a year, which is manageable if everyone chips in.


Q: How will this work structurally?

A: You probably think that I want to be the boss of this here venture, but I don't want to be the big boss necessarily. I want everybody to contribute and have a level of freedom. Your input matters! Last time there was a literal rulebook and I don't think that's something I'd do again.


Q: What will this site be called?

A: That's up to us to decide. The last website I named was completely by accident while I was joking around.


Q: What is your vision, exactly?

A: You'll find out more if you contact me about it, but you probably have a basic idea by now. I just kind of take into account what other sites are doing currently and what readers want and go from there. As someone who reads gaming sites on a daily basis, I think I have a pretty good understanding of what I, and others, want to read. Of course, I want your input too! This is not "my thing" that you'd be helping with. It's our thing that we'll build together.


Q: Will there be a place for community discussion?

A: If one forms, we'll figure out how to handle that. I have a few ideas myself.


Q: You won't use Disqus, will you?

A: In the past I would have said yes, but now I'd say definitely not. We'll find a better thing, but hopefully one that's not too expensive.


Q: Why u do dis?

A: Because I'm tired of the way things are. You know the old saying, "If you want something done right, then do it yourself." Let's make the site we'd want to read!


Q: This sounds hard. Why bother?

A: Because of that attitude is why! Here's where the disclaimer part comes in: It is hard. It's going to take dedication and time and even money. In my senior year of high school, I got a job writing for a local gaming website, and they never told me this (or anything else, really). It's a time commitment. You'll need to be able to post regularly and communicate with the group. Plus, like I said, it won't be free. It won't be expensive but you will have to chip in some money. If you think that's a lot of work for nothing, then this isn't for you. There's no instant gratification to be had here. It's going to take time before it becomes "a job", but it will pay off. Just look at the last site I made. It's done pretty damn well. Just know that this will be an ongoing process and you'll have to be in it for the long haul. We can definitely achieve success, but it'll take work.


Q: How can I contact you, again?

A: Send me a message on here, find me a Twitter (@Fuzunga), or send me a gmail (fuzungoid).

- A witty saying of some sort.

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