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Alrighty, I had the idea to write this blog a little over month ago when I wrote that Qpost showing my figure collection/set-up. But with the combination of a busy schedule (Los Angeles vacation, thanks for all the love, guys) and my general feeling of lethargy since I came back home, I haven't gotten around to it til now. Also, there's this tiny little game called Persona 5 that's been eating up all my free time. But it's been WAY too long since my intro-blog, so I finally decided to write this shit. I also plan on writing a lot more from here on out. So, get used to and/or learn to tolerate me.

With that out of the way, let's look at some shiny pictures.

I think I'll start with my bedroom -- calm down, fellas -- since I probably do about 30% of my gaming and 99.69% of my fapping there.

Samsung 55'' UHD/HDR UN55KU6270FXZA

I got this TV last Black Friday for $479.99 at Best Buy. I initially wanted a cheaper one, but they were out since I had work and got there later. While it is capable of 4K resolution and HDR, it's considered entry-level, hence it's price. The picture quality is great, but it's HDR (basic HDR10) isn't anything amazing. The blacks aren't that deep, colors are pretty vibrant but not eye-popping. But fuck it, it's a good deal for what it is. PS4 Pro enhanced games look great on it, and that's why I got it.

My dusty ass PS4 Pro, sitting alongside the dusty ass Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots PS3

The sound is output from a Samsung soundbar cause I don't really have room for a full surround-sound set-up. It's a fine 2.1 set-up with a decent subwoofer, I don't remember what model it is. It does the job. 

Now let's look at some figures/collectibles that I spent way too much damn money on. The figure pics were edited by my amazing girlfriend who took time to make them look better and even made the collage. Shelves by IKEA. 

The Faith statue is from the Collector's Edition of Mirror's Edge Catalyst. I was really excited for the game since I loved the first, so I pre-ordered it right away. I don't think it lived up it's expectations, but it was fine. Cool statue, though. The awesome looking thing next to it is the iam8bit limited-edition vinyl soundtrack for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Now that game lived up to it's expectations, it was fucking amazing.  

Yup, that's good ol' Gerald of Riverland from the Collector's Edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, also came with an artbook and steelbook. No regrets there, great game. Next to him is Nathan Drake sporting his classic douchey half-tuck -- wait, it's actually fully-tucked. Horrible figure -- from the Collector's Edition of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. I decided to put Francis Drake's ring around it, because I'm not gonna wear that. I'm not a treasure hunter. The animu-looking lady is Milla from the Collector's Edition of Tales of Xillia. One of the better Tales game, IMO. Then, we have the lovely Mary Jane sitting in all her $250 glory from Sideshow Collectibles. Fuck. $250. What am I doing with my life? Looks great. After her is Luffy from One Piece. My girlfriend got me into it, love it. I'm not even close to being caught up. Finally, a bunch of Deadpool stuff. Not a hardcore Deadpool fan, but I like him enough to get some fun stuff. At least those were cheap.

Awesome looking Scorpion designed by Coarse for the Kollector's Edition (see what they did there?) of Mortal Kombat X. Fun game, never got very good at it, though. Random bunching of Megatron and Starscream and my favorite athlete, LeBron James (he never went back to Cleveland and stayed in Miami, in my heart). METAL GEAR?! A posable Solid Snake smokin' a cig and chillin' with his gun. I suck at posables so that's why he's sitting. Don't judge me. Adorable Solid Snack Nendoroid. Big Boss' hand from the Collector's Edition of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Not my favorite Metal Gear, but it was still great. Daenerys and Ned from Game of Thrones hiding in the back with yummy dragon eggs. Kylo Ren standing up front cause I lost my Darth Vader figures. And an assload of Street Fighter figures from various manufacturers and Collector's Editions. You'll know my love for Street Fighter if you read my intro-blog. 

The final, bottom shelf houses three bishoujo figures from Kotobukiya: Sniper Wolf, Starfire, and Psylocke. Vegeta and Goku -- told you, I suck at posables -- hanging on the edge. Some Marvel stuff: bobblehead Thanos behind Drax, Star-Lord, Silver Surfer, and a Labbit Galactus. A Vertex statue of my Persona 3 waifu Mitsuru, sporting her Persona 4 Arena look. My Persona 4 waifu Rise along with a Nendoroid version of herself. Back corner is my only H-figure. I wanted something collectible of one of my favorite artists, Hanaharu Naruko, and no, he doesn't just do hentai. His designs for Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet are amazing, but I couldn't pass up on this figure. Stop judging, I can feel it. In my loins. Finally, my two favorite Nendoroids, Ryuko and Mako from one of my favorite animes, Kill la Kill.

Underneath the shelves are some posters I bought from Wizard World Comic Con Portland a few years back. Plus a little station with random electronics for charging, WiFi extender, etc.

I'm a huge sneakerhead, although I've been buying less shoes lately because being a gamer and shoe collector is a terrible combination for your wallet. These are just some highlights of my collection. If I ever try to remember why I'm broke, I just gotta take one look at this.

One more look at it all before we move onto the master gaming room.

 The master gaming room -- which is actually my brother's room, he bought all the shit for the set-up, I just helped with the configuration -- is where I do the other 70% of my gaming and you'll see why.

The TV is an LG OLED65C6P. Holy fuck, it's amazing. 65", non-gimmick curve that actually helps with viewing angles, gorgeous OLED screen that's capable of 4K resolution with HDR AND Dolby Vision. If you don't already know, Dolby Vision is 12-bit HDR as opposed to the usual 10-bit HDR10. It's basically a higher quality HDR but there isn't much content for it, yet. Blacks are perfect, colors are extremely vibrant, you really have to see it with your own eyes. Gaming is absolute heaven on this thing. Retail was around $6k for it at the time but he got it for around $3k on Black Friday.

Here we got an Xbox One S (which is basically funtioning as a glorified 4K Blu-ray player), a Wii U (I don't think it's even hooked up right now), a PS4 Pro (the console I use the most), a PS3, and the Onkyo TX-RZ610 which is capable of 4K and HDR pass-through.

The system also runs the 7.1 surround-sound running through the room - 

Center + Front Left + Front Right + Subwoofer. Shelves by IKEA

Rear Left + Rear Right Speakers. Theater-style seating. Shelves by IKEA

Rear Left + Surround Left + Front Left Speakers. Shelves by IKEA

Front Right + Surround Right + Rear Right Speakers. Shelves by IKEA

So yeah, the picture and sound are a lot better in here than in my room.

Finally, the PC. My brother bought all the parts and built it himself. We usually got pre-built PCs before this.

Corsair K70 LUX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Blue switches. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Gaming Mouse. SteelSeries glass mousepad. Samsung 34'' WQHD 3440x1440p Monitor. Shelves by -- wait, no shelves

Most games run and look great. And fuck your lore!

Current build. I think he's planning on upgrading to the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Anywhosies, I think that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking time out of your day to look at my blog.

Also, I have always loved looking at other people's Battlestations, so feel free to share! I think it'd be great if the comment section here became a place for you guys to share your set-ups. 

Shelves by IKEA.

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