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Dark Souls 3 ain't shit

Dark Souls on 360 was the shit. Then the PC release brought the school shooter audience with their praise memes and git gud(Hey it was cool when people would shit on me in 3rd Strike and told me to my face to get good, I'm 25 years old and I already have 'back in my day' anecdotes). Dark Souls 2 only felt real in the DLC, with the Singh boss fight feeling like a Kalameet rematch. Dark Souls 3 Never really moved the needle in any direction, which might just be worse long term. Ringed City is a mixed bag inside one of those orange cement rollers russians and raza bring to construction sites. Enemy placements are straight outta Dark Souls 2, the AI on most enemies feels surface level where it's super cheap when you are learning enemy attacks then it's just face fuck and swing once you know the deal. Dark/Demon's and Bloodborne's AI feel a lot more lived in. Hollow knights, yharnamites, and generic demon's soul enemy I don't remember the name of had attacks that felt like they were built for themselves, not for the player. Like, Painted World Guardians swing on the chosen dead the same way they would iron tarkus, in sequels we got Lothric Knights who do DMC style Stingers as a direct response to the player's preconception. But I guess the only way you can up the ante is to make the AI spreadsheets in the sequels tailor to the player's tendencies. I just think long term it's not gonna help Dark Souls 3, or 2 when you compare them to the BIGTIMERS of Dark, Demon's, and BB. As I ramble on, and remember the embarrassing things I did on the C-blogs when I was younger(I was a stupid little shit), I thought about what Dark 3 felt like to what I thought it would feel like when I was active here. I am mostly glad I can delete the game and have more space on my hard drive.
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