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Artist of the Week: Darc Mind. Mind the gap.


Gonna be honest with you right now. I've been super busy and forgot to even write the AotW so this is a delayed one and I cheated by looking up an artist with damn near zero information. It'd be easiest if I simply copy-pasted the info from All Music/iTunes and add in some stuff from wikipedia because there is basically one and a half paragraphs if info on them. Even googling the band the best I can find is a near empty bandcamp page and an old myspace that has no posts other than some pictures and their music. There isn't even a twitter for either member of the group or the group itself despite having released something as recently as 2013.

iTunes:Darc Mind, a Long Island-based hip-hop group comprised of MC Kevroc and producer Webb D (aka X-Ray), were originally signed to Loud Records, and began recording their debut album, Symptomatic of a Greater Ill, at the end of 1995. After working on it for more than a year, a release date was set for 1997, but the album was shelved before it ever made it out. When Loud went under, it took independent label Anticon to reissue the record, who finally made Symptomatic of a Greater Ill available to the public's ears in mid-2006. ~ Marisa Brown

They have so little info that their myspace page actually just copy/pastes that exact thing as their bio.

Here is some info not in that short post. The band actually had a small number of releases before that. In 1996 they released the single "Outside Looking In."

In 1997 the band was featured on the soundtrack for the indie documentary "Soul in the Hole." The soundtrack was produced by RZA and a few others and features several well known artists such as Xzibit, Mobb Deep, and Common. 15 years after it's release Complex magazine voted it one of the top 25 best Hip Hop soundtracks of all time.

Anticon, the label that helped Darc Mind finally release it's first album, has a fairly long opinion piece about the album on their webpage.

According to wikipedia, in 2005, a year before the release of their debut LP, the band released an EP called Soul Food. At 59minutes I don't know why it's not considered an LP since it's as long, or longer, than many LPs. Oddly most of the songs on Soul Food seem to be on Symptomatic.


In 2006 they also released the LP Bipolar.

2013 seems to be their most recent venture with the EP Antediluvian Vol.1. I think that Antedilvuvian is really good, better than Bipolar for sure, much better beats. 

Well, I guess the lesson here is to never stop trying, it took 10 years after recording their album before somebody actually released it. That's a really long gap.


Update: Turns out that they have another EP! Antediluvian Vol 2 was released in 2014. It's not listed on itunes, their myspace, their bandcamp, wikipedia, or allmusic so you can kind of forgive me for missing it. According to the label that released it the EP is unreleased tracks from '93~95.

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