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Adblock Plus and EasyList advice


Do to seeing the photo upload option break on the quick posts and disqus breaking on both my computer and for other users on Dtoid, I have decided to write a short blog to hopefully fix these issues.

These issues are potentially caused by the Adblock Plus, specifically EasyList, a filter subscription.

The quick way to fix these problems is just to cancel your subscription to EasyList, as it is recently becoming more trouble than it is worth on Destructoid. However, if you prefer to keep EasyList around, you might want to consider disabling the following filters:




destructoid.com,thefreethoughtproject.com,tweaktown.com,veteranstoday.com##div > div[id] > iframe[id]

The next 2 filters might need to be disabled:



I have been irritated by the incompetence of the editor of EasyList. They should be more careful about writing filter rules. If EasyList breaks something here again, I'll update the list.

Update 4/1/2017:

Once a-fucking-gain, EasyList has updated and broken several elements of Dtoid. Check to make sure the first 4 filters are disabled if Disqus has broken for you. I have sent a report through Adblock Plus on the issue. If they don't fix this stupid crap, I will simply terminate my subscription to EasyList and freeze this blog in its current state. I have had enough of the EasyList editor's stupidity and outright incompetentence.

Update 4/13/2017:

After nearly 2 weeks of everything being fine, EasyList has broken Disqus AGAIN. If the Disqus notifications will not load for you, disable the first 3 filters as mentioned above.

Update 4/26/2017:

EasyList has yet again fucked up, and messed up the photo upload option for me. Disabling the first 2 filters should fix this if you are encountering this problem.

Update 6/7/2017:

Today, Ablock Plus updated (at least on Firefox) and with it, all filter subscriptions have been removed from my version of the adblocker. Also, the photo upload option, Disqus comments in the Qposts, and the C-Blogs Editor have been messed with due to changes to EasyList. Most of the filters that cause these problems can be found in the above paragraphs. In the event you wish to bring back previous filter subscriptions, you can find and download them at https://adblockplus.org/subscriptions . For the C-Blog editor, 3 exception filters (or whitelist filters) need to be made:

This can be done by clicking on the Adblock Plus icon, then Open blockable items, navigating to the addresses (on the left side) marked in red, then right clicking on those addresses above. Next, click on Add exception rule for item, match the radio button selection to one of the addresses above to as far as the .js part, and finally click on Add filter.


- "I reject your reality and substitute my own!", Adam Savage, Mythbusters

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