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Artist of the Week: Midnight Star. Perms, perms, and more perms.


I need to open this up with a full admission, I'm sick right now and I was looking through my artist list for one with a fairly short bio. I chose this one because the music videos made me laugh out loud with how dated they are.

For better or worse Midnight Star is about as 80/early 90s as you can get; Bright clothes, jerry curl, keytars and more. This is definitely a club/party band more than a "sit at home and chill out" band.

Formed back in 1976 Midnight Star found it's origins in Kentucky State university with brothers Reginald "Reggie" and Vincent Calloway, Belinda Lipscomb, Melvin Gentry, Kenneth Gant and Bill Simmons. With a large group of session musicians the band released their appropriately named 1980 album "The Beginning." In 1981 they followed up with Standing Together which managed to chart at 54 on the R&B charts.

Not sitting on their laurels the band followed up with Victory in 1983. The album featured the single Hot Spot which nearly broke them out into true popularity. Victory had mild success, also positioning in the R&B charts.

Around this time the band introduced new drummer Bobby Lovelace into the group. They must have finally found the right mix because their 1983 album "No Parking On The Dance Floor" was a smash hit. No Parking hit #2 on the billboard pop charts and went on to become a double platinum album with several hits.

 Continuing this momentum they released Planetary Invasion in 1984. Not hitting the double platinum of No Parking the album had Midnight's biggest hit of their career. Operator was released in 1985 as a single and hit #18 in the US Charts (#1 on R&B charts).

While their 1988 album self titled Midnight Star would manage to chart on R&B the 1986 album Headlines was really the bands last successful venture. Headlines managed to go gold, but after the release of the album founding members the Calloway brothers left the band under a less than amicable atmosphere. The two brothers went on to produce music for artists such as Teddy Pendergrass and Natalie Cole.

In 1990 the band released their last album before a 10 year break up.

In 2000 most of the band reunited, minus the Calloway brothers, and released the album 15th Avenue two years later.

While they still perform on occasion it seems like the dawn has come for Midnight Star.

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