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Iam16bit’s Recliner of Rage!: Doom SnapMap Publishing


Ok so I had an idea for a blog series but it requires a bit of backstory to get the idea. You see years ago Conan O’Brien would give a platform to his graphic designer Pierre Bernard who would sit in a recliner and give a quick rant about things that bugged him. The topics ranged from Mallomars to Robotech DVDs. So I thought I’d do my own version, one where I just bitch about small things that annoy me.



So I recently bought the new Doom and I loved it. I finished the single player campaign within 2 weeks and had played some of the arcade mode. There’s also multiplayer and snap map where you can make your own levels.


The only problem is I don’t have PS+ so I couldn’t exactly play multiplayer which is fine because I heard it wasn’t exactly great. Instead I played around with SnapMap and made my first level that I had intended to publish. The only problem was publishing maps required PS+. I understand if multiplayer was locked behind a paywall but publishing snap map levels? That’s ridiculous. In the PC version online is free, so you can upload SnapMaps without paying. If the PC version can do it then why not do the same with the PS4 version


Bottom line D-toid, ID shouldn't lock Snap Map level publishing on the PS4 behind a paywall.


Until next time, stay strong my brothers and sisters.

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