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Screw you Apple and your LAME new iPod Touch

Yeah, I said it! And I am proud and stand by it. I love Apple products ever since I started using them. My 20" iMac has served me well as well as my 30GB iPod Video but when you release this...this GARBAGE, I lose faith in you.

For those of you who don't know...Apple is being lazy and decided for the new touch screen iPod to take an iPhone, gut out the phone part (but leave the internet?) and only have 16GB of HDD. All that for $400. The 8GB iPhone price dropped down to that much...I'd much rather have an iPhone and my iPod than that lame iPod Touch.

Apple why can't you just give us a straight up widescreen touch iPod that holds more than an iPod Nano? Is that so hard to ask? Yeah I realize you want Wi-Fi to compete with the Zune...wait, compete with the Zune product that 5 people own? Come on...really?

Sure they unveiled Wi-Fi iTunes store but not everyone (I don't) but songs from iTunes. Screw that! Screw you Apple!

Oh yeah, this is how much play back you get...

Keep in mind when surfing the net, you are using VIDEO hours.

[Via Gizmodo]

PS: Support the Dtoid Radio, cause if you don't who will? Well plenty of others but can you honestly get enough of Destruct in your life? I think not!
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