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Bloodstained community manager to do backer portrait art


Back in January of 2016, Koji Igarashi's company ArtPlay hired Mana Ikeda aka Vusc as their communications manager and community manager for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Her debut guest apperance on the Bloodstained Community Broadcast was a great introduction, and the community has been pleased with her professional demeanor, community involvement and artistic tallent. In December of 2016 on the Bloodstained Community Broadcast she hinted that although she doesn't normally do production artwork for Bloodstained she might do the art for the backer portraits. Portraits appearing in game was a backer tier in the Kickstarter for the project, and although you can still get some rewards by slacker backing, portraits are no longer available. Recently on the official forums, Mana has left an obvious hint that strongly suggests she is already working on the portraits that will be featured in the castle's entrance hall. So long as the art looks like it belongs in the style of the game, it will be a great way to honor those who helped make the project possible. You can see the artwork of Mana aka Vusc on her website IllFigment.com.

Vusc Artwork

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