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Artist of the Week: Rosemary Clooney. Cheek to cheek and pants to pants.


Rosemary's entire family legacy has been entertainment. Born in 1928 she and her one year younger sister Betty became singers in the mid to late 1940s they touring with Tony Pastor as The Clooney Sisters.

In 1951 Rosemary recorded her breakout hit "Come On-a My House" which reached #1 on the charts and launched her quickly to stardom. She had several more followup hits in the next few years.

Rosemary married famous actor and star of Moulin Rouge, Jose Ferrer in 1953. The two had a child, Miguel Ferrer that same year. Miguel would go on to become a successful actor himself, appearing in works such as RoboCop and Twin Peaks. In 1954 she created a long lasting connection with legendary crooner Bing Crosby when she co-starred with him in the classic White Christmas alongside Danny Kaye and Vera-Ellen.

1955 saw the birth of her second child, Rafeal. He would also become an actor, though he has not appeared in very much television or movies listed on IMDB. Her success in White Christmas led to her getting a self titled variety show on NBC in 1956. The Rosemary Clooney Show lasted only one season.

After her show ended Clooney had regular appearances on television with Bing on shows such as The Edsel Show and even toured with him across Ireland. CBS had them perform a weekly 20 minute radio series simply titled "The Bing Crosby - Rosemary Mary Show."

In 1961 her possibly most famous relative was born, her nephew George Clooney. Sadly, it was also at this time things in her life began to fall apart. That year she and Jose Ferrar got divorced, though they would remarry in 1964. In 1967 she divorced Jose again after finding out he was having an affair. Rosemary became addicted to prescription painkillers.

While touring with Robert F Kennedy to help with his presidential campaign in 1968 she heard gunshots and found her friend was assassinated in the same hotel she was staying at at the time. This all combined and caused a nervous breakdown for her and damaged her mental health for years.

Rosemary's sister Bette died of a brain aneurysm in 1976. That same year after spending a long time rebuilding her career Rosemary signed to United Artists and would record one jazz album every year until her death in 2002. Performing with Bing Crosby on his final tour in 1977 helped boost her back up into a more successful role in life.

Through the 1980s she was the face of Coronet paper towels performing their jingle an appearing in many commercials.

In 1994 she performed a duet with Barry Manilow on his album "Singin' With The Big Bands."

In 1997 she married her last husband, dancer Dante DiPaolo. A long time smoker, Rosemary was diagnosed with cancer in 2001. Her surgery was sadly a failure and she passed in 2002. Her final song performed live was God Bless America in Hawaii.

Note: This recording is from 2000 in Cincinatti, I can't find a recording of her final performance.

I hope that now we're more than "practically strangers" with Rosemary.

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