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Artist of the Week: Orgone. Universal Funk Energy


Orgone is another one of those bands that is not terribly well known with little info available about them because of this. I can promise you one thing about this blog: once you've listened to em you're gonna want to jump into your Gran Torino and speed off to meet Huggy Bear.

The band is a fairly large ensemble, currently made up of 9 members. Founded in LA much of the group played together during the 90s simply as a backing band for hip hop groups, a role that they continue to perform in some instances. Their first album was released in 2001, but it was when they met and collaborated with Fanny Franklin on vocals for their next project, The Killion Floor, that they really broke out into a comfortable role of their own and became a real band.

Orgone performs many originals in genres such as funk, afro beat, and R&B but many of their most succesful hits have been covers of famous  artists music such as their performance of Isaac Hayes' song "Do Your Thing" featured on The Killion Floor.

The band has backed artists such as The Pharcyde and Tone-Loc. In 2010 the band toured and opened for the late Sharon Jones. Since their initial break out the Orgone has had a steady release of albums with 8 albums released between 2001 and the most recent album, Beyond the Sun, in 2015. There are reviews of sine albums they've done available here on all music. Despite the fairly short bio there are some indepth reviews of The Killion Floor, Cali Fever (and album composed entirely of original songs), and Killion Vaults.

That's about it, so for now I'm just gonna let their music speak for itself.

One of my favorite Funkadelic songs:

Guess I could end this in the immortal words of George Clinton: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.

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