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What's up with me (and, yes, Comments of the Week too)


So some of you might be wondering what’s up with me lately. I’m sure you’re certainly wondering what’s up with Comments of the Week. Why would I abandon it? Why would I do this to you? Why won’t senpai notice me? Well, the answer is very simple, and I know how this is going to sound but stick with me for a minute and I’ll explain:

I don’t want to do it right now.

Yeah, I know how that sounds. Bad, right? Lazy. Boo lazy Fuzunga! Boo this man! The real reason is a lot more complicated, though, and something I think a lot of you can relate to.

So as some of you might know, I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff in the past year or so. If I were to sum it up, I’d say I became fat and sad. That’s an easy way to put it. A lot of stuff was building up for a long time which made me feel mentally bad and caused me to feel physically bad, and then I had to see a lot of doctors and also my house is basically falling down and I’ve been living in a hotel for six months.

Wow, I must feel like garbage right? No, actually. That’s not the issue any more. Actually, I’ve been feeling a lot better in every way as of 2017. I know that sounds weird and crazy because I’m basically homeless but it’s true. That’s the reason I don’t feel like doing comments of the week.

The part that I think a lot of you can relate to goes like this: When you have depression or a mental illness or the like, a lot of the time you just feel plain bad. You feel like not doing anything, including the things you love. This had been going on with me for years. I love to write, but I just could not make myself do it. Back when I was in school I still felt kind of bad, but the structure forced me into at least doing something sometimes. After I graduated, I have literally done nothing with my life. There was a lot of personally family stuff I had to deal with (and still am to an extent) and I felt trapped.

The reason I took over Comments of the Week was because I thought it would be good for me to spend the time I was wasting doing something productive. I know it doesn’t seem like a long time ago (it was November, I think) but a lot can change in a short amount of time. Basically, I’m perfectly capable of doing Comment of the Week when I’m fat and sad, but there are many more things I simply can’t do. Over the years, I’ve had periods where I feel good enough to work and accomplish something productive, but these usually lasted only hours or days. I’ve been on the up now for weeks and it feels good.

So, essentially, I’m feeling good and I don’t know how long my window is going to last and I want to work on other things while I can. Like I said, I can do comments pretty much any time but that story I’ve been developing for a while is going to stay trapped in my head if I don’t work on it soon.

Am I abandoning Comments of the Week forever? No. I enjoy doing it quite a bit actually, and I want to get back to it eventually. It’s just that it takes a lot of time that I want to spend on other things right now while I can. Maybe I could do it bi-weekly or monthly in the future or something. Right now, I was thinking instead that I’d do a test run for Quickposts of the Week, since it’s tremendously easier to collect those than front page comments.

Besides that, I’m working on some other things that you guys will hopefully be able to read in the near future. Before last week I hadn’t written a piece of fiction in probably five years. I’m super rusty, but I want to get back into it. I went to school for that! Also, some other stuff that’s mostly not game-related, but a few things that are. My blogs tend to be really long so it takes me some time to write them.

So yeah, that’s what’s up! Before anything else, I think I’m going to write about Night in the Woods. If you’ve played it, after reading this you can probably tell why it resonated with me so much.

- A witty saying of some sort.

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