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Artist of the Week: We Are Scientists. Yeah science, bitch!


We Are Scientists is basically Keith Murray and Chris Cain. They are the two that started the band and the only two that have continued to be in the band from then on.

Formed in around 2000 We Are Scientists initially was a Berkley California group but relocated to Brooklyn before much of their career started. However to get a full scope of W.A.S. you need to step back a couple of years as Keith and Chris actually met in Pomona College through performing stand up comedy before they formed the band. That relationship and previous experience has shaped some of their music, other ventures, and whom they have worked with, such as Akiva Schaffer of The Lonely Island. In late 2000 they recruited drummer Mike Tapper to join the band.

They released their first LP Safety, Fun, and Learning (in that order) in 2002 through their own label. The band briefly united with Scott Lamb, a member of the primordial version of W.A.S., he stuck around to play live guitar and backing vocals for about a year and then left again.

After releasing Safety the band quickly released 3 more EPs between 2002 and 2004, Bitching!, In Action, and The Wolf's Hour. In 2005 via Virgin Records W.A.S. released their first major label album, With Love and Squalor. Oddly this album was released in the UK nearly a year before it's release in the US. The album was not initially a blowout success, instead being a slow burner. After 6 months of consistent but small number of sales the album reached gold status in the UK. I've listened to this album a bunch since I got it back in 2006, it's the only work of theirs I've ever heard before now.

In 2007 the band began work on the followup album Brain Thrust Mastery. Right after recording the album and just days before the tour started their drummer, Mike, quit the band to "pursue other things." During their pre-album release tour they also ran a small set of "self-improvement seminars" as their own supporting group named "Brain Thrust Mastery", the name that later would go on to become the album's title.

2008 brought on the release of the album which, once again, released earlier in the UK and sold better in the UK than the US.

In 2009 the band had a short run set of comedic television shorts on MTV UK. The shorts were titled Steve Wants His Money and ran for 7 episodes. Despite claims at the time that a second series was very likely it seems to have never come to fruition.

After Tapper leaving in 2007 the band brought in Andy Burrows to play drums on Barbara, the bands next LP. This album would see W.A.S. return to an independant format. They chose to have Barbara done through their own label, Master Swan Recordings, as the band had left Virgin in 2009. The album was released in june of 2010 and managed to chart at 46 in the UK. In support of the place that has continually supported them W.A.S. recorded a song for the 2010 Fifa Cup called "Goal! England!"

In 2011 they announced they were working on a new album. Due to consistent delays the band was unable to hit their initial planned release date of 2013 and instead released a short EP that worked as sort of a teaser to the full album. In 2014 they finally released TV en Français. Unfortunately, due to the delays Andy was too busy with his solo work to play on the tour and had to leave the band, though he would step in and perform occasionally with the band when he had time.

In April of last year the band released their most recent project which is titled Helter Seltzer. The music video for the song Classic Love is animated by Keith himself!

This upcoming video has an interesting little story attached to it's youtube information:

"We Are Scientists received this video unsolicited from fan and young artist Oliver Moore, a student of Film & TV Production at Portsmouth University. Five minutes later they emailed him to ask if he would mind it becoming an OFFICIAL video. He was okay with that. Please enjoy our OFFICIAL VIDEO for "Headlights," courtesy of director Oliver Moore. https://olivermooreblog.wordpress.com/"

I'd like to end this by posting a rather humorous tweet that the band has pinned on their account.


God only knows why they used Merlin from Sword in the Stone.

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