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Portland is a Fantastic City.

I'm here in Portland for the first time ever, visiting my sister. I only live about seven hours away (In Sacramento, CA), So I dont know why I've never come here before. It's a beautiful city for the most part, the food is great, and it has the biggest fucking book store I have ever seen in my life.

But the best part? I found out this evening Portland Oregan is one of the few cities in America playing The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. I'm going to go see it tomorrow and then I'll finally know why it' such a highly rated movie. I can't wait!

Has anyone else seen it?

I think the only bad thing about this city is the computer that they provide at the Holiday Inn. Its keyoard is busted, so I have to go back and constanly edit everthing I type. here's an example: I typed this last paragraph and pasted it below before editing. Terrible!

hik the only bad thin abut his city is the cmuer that they provtt Holiday Inn. Its keyoard is busd, o have to go bk ad constanly edt evthing I type.he's and example: ityped this lastparagraph and pted it below before i edied . terrible!
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