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Fill out this survey and complete CJ's Sony Bucket List


Last week I asked the Destructoid community for submissions of Sony games that are not miss experiences, in hopes of creating a Bucket List of games I need to play before it’s too late. I lamented my gaming time in the future would probably be severely limited compared to today so, like getting into shape, for me it’s really now or never.

When I put out that call, you guys responded in spades, giving me dozens of games to choose from. It was a nice mix of well-known titles and some I had only heard of when you listed them in the comments of that blog. After a week, I’ve decided now is the time to let you vote on which Sony games I simply must play. 

To make it a bit easier, I’ve gone ahead and already selected 5 of the games based on their multiple recommendations in the comment section, and yes one of them is cheating just a little bit. Those games are: Kingdom Hearts 1&2 (PS4), Persona 4 Golden, Person 3, Ico/Shadow of Colossus, and Okami. I’ve played a bit of Shadow of Colossus, but never Ico, so why not use this opportunity to go back and beat Shadow properly.

I’ve also left a few titles off as they’re games I’m intending to play anyway this year, including the Uncharted series and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

In the survey linked below, I have listed every other game the community recommended. The first five pages are divided up by series, while the final page is all of the remaining games. I need you to choose 15 definitive titles for me that will round out my Sony Bucket List.

Thank you.

Survey Link: https://www.allcounted.com/s?did=3oabz9iliboah

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