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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption -- COMPLETE --

Yes, I just completed it! Well about an hour ago cause I was on the phone with Ron. Here was my finishing stats:

Percentage: 89%
Time: 16:32 Around that much...)
Missiles: 210
Energy Tanks: ALL

I don't know what else to list. I unlocked Hypermode and no friend vouchers yet. I a SAD panda!

Oh yeah, your Wii takes a SCREENSHOT of your completion page and puts it in your mail when you beat the game. PROOF!


They eluded to a Mother Brain at the end with all the Aurora units. And what did I get...an Aurora unit that looks like Mother Brain but isn't? I would've blown a load had it been but of course it isn't. GRRR!!! The Dark Samus fight was pretty cool. But in all, the ending and most of the fights were more like Metroid Prime 2: Echoes than Metroid Prime. What that means is that boss fights were not hard. Only ONE was "difficult" and I died cause I had no idea how to beat him. Other than that....it was easy unfortunately. I remember with MP1 playing that end against Metroid Prime. That was HARD! I must have played that at least 10 times. I guess someone complained about the difficulty and it got dumbed down. SADNESS! More of the midgame bosses in MP2 & MP3 were harder than the end.

But in all it was fun and a nice summing up of the series.

PS: During the credits they tell you that the Metroid franchise will live on, HOORAY for my girl!


Expect a review this week, hopefully.
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