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Artist of the Week: Wax Tailor. Whatever will Beat will Beat.


Really, I've found it fairly hard to find much information on Wax Tailor. He is a french hiphop/sample based/triphop producer who has released 5 albums, the most recent one just last October. I think that the best I can do here is simply post his official website bio and intercut it with examples of his music from each era. Lazy, I know, but also about the best I can offer you without some really heavy digging. What I can tell you is that he looks like a human lightbulb.

The following is from his english website bio.

Wax Tailor is one of the leading voices of the instrumental hip-hop and downtempo scenes. With 4 albums under his belt [Editor: it's 5 albums, bio must be outdated] as well as 2 live albums, over 600 shows in 50 countries, he entices fans worldwide with a unique musical blend of Hip-Hop, Soul and Funk enhanced by a sense of storytelling akin to a film director’s.

In 2004, JC Le Saoût launched the Wax Tailor concept with an EP, “Lost the Way”, that gained the attention of DJ’s and music critics in his home country.

[Editor]: "Que Sera Sera" was a single released the same year and is the song that attracted me to his music originally. This upcoming video is a fanmade music video that cuts together film clips of the samples used in the song itself, it's neat.

In 2005, his long awaited first album “Tales of the Forgotten Melodies” came out to critical acclaim and introduced a cinematic hip-hop that transported the listener in a world where Galt McDermott or Public Enemy would share a meal with the likes of Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock. The album has never left the Electronic Album sales charts on iTunes since it’s release over 10 years ago, and is now considered a classic of the genre.

Over the course of his two next albums ["Hope & Sorrow", and "In The Mood For Life"], Wax Tailor started diversifying his music, toying with a larger pallet of influences, breaking the boundaries of musical genres, and collaborating with the likes of Soul Diva Sharon Jones, Spoken Word legend Ursula Rucker or the pop-folk phenomenon Charlie Winston. Wax Tailor had his first crossover hit single in 2007 with “Positively Inclined”, a throwback Hip-Hop anthem with an infectious jazz groove that took over clubs as well as burlesque revues worldwide.

[RIP Sharon Jones]


In 2012, Wax Tailor released “Dusty Rainbow from the Dark”, a musical tale about the evocative power of music. Narrated by Don McCorkindale, who voiced the BBC’s serialized version of the classic TV show “The Avengers”, the album weaves together narrated episodes and songs, featuring the likes of Aloe Blacc, Shana Hannigan of Bitter:Sweet, Elzhi, and many more. This musical fable takes us on a wandering path through psychedelic trip-hop and baroque hip-hop redefining once again the contours of Wax Tailor’s artistry.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his career, Wax Tailor launched the Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra in 2014. Alongside a 35-piece orchestra and a 17-person choir, the artist embarked on an ambitious re-orchestration of 27 highlights from his 4 albums, to present them in a completely different setting. Classics such as Que Sera, Say Yes, or Am I Free are given a new life, with luscious string and horn arrangements elevating the electronic elements of Wax Tailor’s music. After a sold out European tour, the Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra was chosen to play 3 shows for the re-opening of the prestigious Teatro Colon in Bogota, accompanied by the National Symphonic Orchestra of Colombia.

[Editor]: In October 2016 Wax Tailor released his latest album "By Any Beats Necessary." It has a pretty different sort of western / blues / soul feeling in many tracks.

I know I didn't really seem to put a ton of effort into this one, I only wrote like, maybe, 100 words. If nothing else, I do hope you enjoyed the music.

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