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The Troll king: New Year’s Evil


Warning, some spoilers in her since we’re talking about villains so prepare yourself.

When I first heard of the fighting game BlazeBlue it was at GameStop, currently on sale for the 3ds and to me it looked cool. So I said “hey, why not?” and bought it on a whim. The game in question was BlazeBlue continuum shift 2 and I loved it. I loved the series ever since I bought that game, even though the story makes about as much sense as an episode of sterling era podtoid.

One thing I did end up understanding though was the story behind a particular villain in the series, and that is my BB Main Hazama/Terumi who I will simply call Hazama to shorten it (they don’t separate until the last game). So how did this come to pass in a series that is as convoluted as the naming conventions of the kingdom hearts franchise? Well it’s simple and it is also one of the reasons why I love him so much.



He’s evil, plain and simple. That is his driving force and I feel he’s a better character for it. Many games try to give you a complex reason for why their character is the way they are. Perhaps they want revenge such as Ardyn(FF15) or maybe they’re just disgruntled like Guzma (Sun/Moon). They could simply be an evil malevolent being like Y'Shaarj (WoW) or a more tragic/unknowing villain like a certain someone I can’t mention because spoilers (and it’s a newish game).


Hazama has none of that, Hazama likes hurting people and inflicting pain because he wants to. No real goal or ambition, he’s the kind of guy that wants to watch the world burn and that’s something I strangely enjoy about him as a villain. Just to outline some of the things he’s done

-brainwashed Ragna’s (main character) brother into slicing his arm off

-Turned his sister into the living embodiment of death in order to destroy the world

-Killed their care taker and burned down their home

-killed the woman that loved him without as much of a second thought

-Brainwashed Noel’s friend into working for him like a soulless machine

-Generally berates, manipulates, and causes suffering to those around him, reflected in his fighting style

-much like the above point he also trolls and taunts you the whole the game

-0 regard for human life

-so much so that he pulls another characters soul from the boundary and turns her into a weapon/pawn of the imperator.

Now you’d think this is enough, but no he uses the previously mentioned pawn called phantom to unleash a magic virus killing what is essentially “computer god”.

Oh and after all that you kill him and feel really good because damn was he a fucking ass hat. Sounds good right? Happy ending and all that jazz? Well it’s short lived because he comes back. How does he achieve this massive feat? Well apparently Ragna (who is technically you) hated him so much that he was able to use your hate to remain tethered to the living world allowing him to come back to life. 


What in the actual fuck was that shit. I remember being so surprised and dumb struck. I really took time to think about that. I remember getting quite miffed with the character throughout the course of the game. The story does a really good job of that, but it takes that unexpected turn at the end. It’s like you’re being punished for hating him, while he gets off Scott free. It was at that moment that I realized how brilliant this character was and how well his part in the story was made. This was the point where I came around and started to like him as a villain. I think he exemplifies a villain that is not often thought of or represented well. A villain whose sole driving motivation is simply being evil, genuinely evil, and I really like him for that (as strange as that sounds).

It also helps that he’s really fun to play and he has a fairly prominent roll on the now (sadly) ended Blazen web comic.


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