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Destructoid Community Interviews - Another Day, Another Way


Hello folks, Orochileona calling. I'm a couple of months into my stint as BRINGER OF TRUTHS (or Community Interviewer if you'd prefer) and thought I'd drop a quick blog to discuss something I've been thinking over.

I work pretty dang hard to get these out, they take many hours, all in. But I have really enjoyed chatting with all y'all fine feathered friends so far. Lately, I had the realisation that Live Chat isn't for everyone. Communication can be difficult for those who suffer anxiety issues, as I have friends who struggle on the phone, on the internet or face to face. I myself hate in-game chat, which is probably why my Overwatch status remains forever 'Barrel-Scraper' Also, as a Brit, it can occasionally be difficult for teh Yanks to sync up with me, and an impossibilty for people living in the land Down Under.

To this end, I came up with an idea to help the aforementioned folk out. If you would like to be an interviewee, but feel that you are uncomfortable/unavailable to sync up with me for live chat, then I am willing to write an interview for you to complete offline, in your own time, that you can email back to me. This would not only help you out, but would give me a supply of 'ready to go' interviews, that I can publish on weeks when I am unavailable to interview anybody live.

With this method, people can be interviewed without having to secure a time window, and will give anybody feeling nervous about chatting to me the comfort of answering in their own time, without any pressure. This won't damage the 'flow' of an interview though. Once I receive your replies, should you bring up a subject I'd like to prod you further on, I'll mail out further questions, and then I'll edit everything into context afterwards.

I've over-explained this but, long story short; if you would like to have a 'mail-in' interview, then let me know (whether you are already on my list of victims or not) and I will make a note that you're an offline candidate. I'm hoping this helps some of you out, as it will also help me create a backlog to publish on weeks when I am unavailable.

The CI's, and Destructoid in general are, and should always be, about inclusiveness. I'd hate for folk to feel left out because of where they live, or because of anxiety issues or a lack of confidence. I'm trying hard to get through as many of you as I can, and I don't want anybody to feel that they cannot be a part of this ongoing series.

My regular 'Live' interviews will continue as per usual (though, as stated, there will not be an interview this week) but this alternate offer is there for anyone who wishes to take it, so don't be shy, please do. It'll be a lot of fun.
Just leave a comment, or PM this account, and I'll make a note of you. Offline interviews can be conducted via Email, Discord or Skype.

Thanks for your awesome support for the Community Interview series, it exists because of you, you make it what it is.

Until next time..

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