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Video Game Music Compilation 56


Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou better be ready for some VGM, because it's coming at ya! I love myself some VGM, and it's because of that I figured that to jam outand write what my heart and brain speakis the perfect way to drag me out of the mental mess I've been recently. Taking it easy, gushing about interesting tracks from all corners of the gaming sphere, and loving every second of it is the perfect way to make the best of my day!

So without further ado, here's some of that aforementioned VGM!

I Was the Sun (Before It was Cool) - StarBound

Ah, the wild west. What a setting. Ridding on horses, having fun at the saloon, and more fitting to this song, fighting bandits! The fast-paced array of strings and piano work well at delivering that action-packed energy that you like to feel in the west. The guitar and various string instruments all add up to create an escalating sense of rising action, allowing the feeling of being in an exciting cowboy to build up more and more. It's as if you're actually having a shoot out or chase with a bandit. My only complaint is that it's not really spacey, as a game about multiple different planets would have you think. 

Ordinary Days - Lethal League

Speaking of spacey, this track is just close enough to spacey. The upbeat synth jumping around has some dang fun funk to it! Even so, it still creates this serious tone that, in juxtaposition to the more fun and upbeat pacing, fits so well with the red and black candyman symbol this particular video uses. It's fun and energetic, but at the same time seeming deadly. The words are an interesting thing as well; despite there only being three ("Ordinary days, created"), the song repeats them with this reverb that makes them almost creepy. It really makes you ponder the meaning of the words.

The Awakening - Abyss Odyssey

Ooooooh this one caught me off guard. The booming orchestra mixed with that rockin' guitar and those synth notes? Ghoulish. The creepiness is denoted not only by the growing choir of synth, but also through things like the dinging of bells and this atmosphere of being inside some sort of arcane castle. The gradual tone shift throughout the entire song, from grandeur to less booming to the eventual ending of the song, makes for quite the metaphor for death and final moments. 

Ocean - Pokemon Firered and Leaf Green

Lighthearted and free, adventurous and fun, this theme is almost like something you'd hear at a theme park. It's quite jovial and pleasant, and honestly I'd love to hear this song to play during any cruise I ever go on.. Just imagine riding on your Lapras, taking note of all the cool pokémon flying above you, splashing next to you, and hiding in the depths below you. It's downright majestic, and innocent to boot. Getting lost in this just makes me want to live in a Pokémon world, exploring without a care in the world, making loads of friends, human or pokémon!

Oath to Order - Majora's Mask

Aaaand here to stomp all that innocence and joy out of out lives is none other than Majora's Mask! The entire game drives on a sense on impending doom, and this theme highlights just that. Such elegance in it's seriousness, and such a dark tone to drive home the struggle for survival. It's a theme expressing the weight of the situation:  everything, no matter how small or big, will die in the face of this threat, and as such everything will try and stop it. The giant's doing their best to stop the moon is such a badass setting, and yet they chose such a somber theme to decorate it with. It's those moments when you feel like you, as a player, are part of something much bigger. You're a part of the survival of the planet, as opposed to playing a video game.

And there's your VGM for this time. Writing these are usually a fun time, and I hope they're a fun time to read. I mean, that's the whole point of this: to share the fun time, fun vibes, and good VGM! With that said, take it easy, my dear reader!

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