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Artist of the Week: The Greenhornes. New, but also old.


After the last few weeks covering big name artists deaths, I thought to myself, "Why don't we move away from the big view, the names and the glitz and bring it down a little bit. Make it a little more... intimate." So under that thought process, for the next couple of entries I think I'll try and go small, find some lesser known artists, maybe try and go for newer ones, and bring them into the light. These blogs will likely be a bit more sparse as many of these groups will have little information easily available, but it'll be a pleasant vacation.

The Greenhornes have a name that implies new and inexperienced people, this kind of goes against their sound. While the band got its start in the early '00s, their sound distinctly hails back to the late 60s early 70s sort of blues rock. You can easily hear the Rolling Stones in their music.

Formed in 1996 in Cincinnati, mainly between highschool friends, as "Us and Them" the group is currently made up of Craig Fox (Vocals), Jack Lawrence (Bass), and Patrick Keeler (Drums). The band has some close ties with Jack White. Lawrence has performed as part of two of White's side projects, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. Keeler was also part of The Raconteurs. White produced the bands most recent album and early on in 2000, a single.

The bands first single was released in 1998 and they quickly released their first album, Gun For You, the next year.


Quick to release albums, similar to how some of the artists who have inspired them, their next album came in 2001, their self title album. Between the release of their first album and this one, founding member Brian Olive left the band to join Soledad Brothers, though he still received guitar credits on the self titled album.

Again between two albums the band lost a founding member, Jared McKinny, their keyboard player, left in 2001. 2002 saw the release of their album Dual Mono. After this their short lived time with Eric Stein, a member who joined in 2000 as a guitarist, likely to take Brian Olive's spot, came to it's conclusion.

Going on a bit of downtime the band would not release anything until their 2005 EP "East Grand Blues." The song "Pattern Skies" off of the EP was featured in the 2006 game "Destroy All Humans! 2" The same year they released a best of album "Sewed Soles", a strange choice for a band with a fairly small amount of content and only 9 years together.

A long period of time passed with little activity, likely due to time tied up working with Jack White's side projects. Finally in 2010 The Greenhornes released their latest album, "Four Stars."

It's pretty nice to hear this sound make a comeback. I wouldn't mind seeing a return of CCR style swamp rock too, too bad nobody has John Fogerty's amazing vocals to make that happen.

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