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Artist of the Week: No 1. I'm sick, here's a summary/round up of Obit series


I know, I know, this is one of those lazy "clip episode" type entries. I caught a bad cold hours before I'd normally be writing my blog series. I thought that rather than just do NOTHING, why not give anyone who missed it the chance to view all of my five part series on the many musical deaths of 2016. So, here it is.


First we have, well, the first in the series. This entry covered the dates of December 28th(Lemmy) through January 18th(Clarence Reid/Blowfly). That was a harsh very very short period, those 21 days had EIGHT people, including Bowie and Natalie Cole on top of Lemmy.

The second entry covers January 18th through March 10. The biggest deaths of this period were probably Maurice White and Glenn Frey, but there were other big names.

Now we come to three. This period of time is March 22nd through May 17th. Between Prince, Merle Haggard, Phife Dawg, and the off forgotten Lonnie Mack, this short time was one of the densest in terms of both variety of genres and importance within those genres.

Episode 4 is hardly "A New Hope" as things continue to be dreary. In this entry I covered May 21st through Octobert 24th, this period was the longest stretch for time vs deaths. It took me 2 blogs just to cover the first three months and yet I was abled to condense 5 months into one blog here. I'd say that entry four was the blog with the most "overlooked" or "forgotten" people. People like Bernie Worrell, Kashif, and Rod Temperton were left off of some death lists yet were definitely figures that should be remembered and celebrated.

Finally we come to the end of this dreary series, entry 5. This blog covered November 13th all the way up to the very last moments on December 28th. George Michael shines ahead of everyone else in terms of name and stardom, but we shouldn't overlook those like Leon Russell or Greg Lake.


I know that at a mere 367 words this blog barely qualifies as more than an extended qpost. I don't care, sue me if you want, I'm sick and lazy.

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