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Let's look again at the Nintendo Switch partners list, shall we?


I don't want to be a naysayer but there simply isn't enough software momentum behind the Switch at present. All that can be hoped for at this stage is that E3 2017 brings a slew of ports from some of the software giants shown in Nintendo's October 2016 partner list.

I bought a 32GB Wii U at the start of August 2016, second-hand for a mere £100.  I quickly picked out the games I wanted and got cracking.  So far that list consists of:

  • Super Mario Maker;
  • Super Mario 3D World;
  • Mario Kart 8;
  • Minecraft;
  • LEGO City (came with console);
  • Nintendoland;
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

I made a list to narrow down what I really wanted out of the Wii U and that list does not go beyond 20 games.  I'm definitely interested in Splatoon and Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker but am less excited about two HD Zelda's I've already played before on GameCube and Wii.  That said, the chance to play Twilight Princess with normal controls would be a definite plus.  Stupidly I thought I'd love motion controls upon the launch of Wii but didn't, and by the time I thought about downgrading to the GameCube version it was nowhere on store shelves and has always had ridiculous preowned prices.

The game that has (deservedly) had the most play time out of it has been Super Mario 3D World.  It is a masterpiece.  Admittedly, Super Mario Odyssey looks just as promising and I'm hoping theories that the New Donk City setting is the hub world, overworld or map screen turn out to be true.  The platforming potential looks great but I do not want to be wandering around conversing with normal humans.  That just ain't Mario in my eyes.  (And that's coming from someone who played and completed the SNES version of Mario is Missing!)

So then let's take a look at the October 2016 list of partners promised for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Partners

Immediately this creates (wild) expectations in the minds of fans.  Let me show how that went for me personally.

  • Activision = any chance of Call of Duty?
  • FROM Software = Dark Souls trilogy ?!
  • Codemasters = DIRT Rally?! F1 again on Nintendo!?
  • Level 5/SquareEnix = huge RPGs here we come!
  • EPIC games = Gears of...oh no, wait.
  • Travellers Tales = LEGO games ahoy!
  • telltale games = excellent episodic content coming our way!
  • Take-Two Interactive = Bioshock HD Collection? GTA on the go?
  • Konami = Metal Gear everything in one box.

That has not yet happened.  In Nintendo's position it's vital to showcase they genuinely have these third party developers on board and some may say this first reveal event was not the place to do it.  But I say that Nintendo Directs need a partners showcase or E3 needs to bring a larger list of games in the pipeline.  I am not fussy particularly if some are ports like Dark Souls or Bioshock listed above.

I am reminded of the propaganda poster:

British WWII propaganda poster

Nintendo need to encourage their partners to show content, and fast.  The USP that console quality games can be taken on the go is a pretty good one.  So let's use it!

- This is the end, friend.

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