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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption "Achievement Points" & more!

First off sorry I have been absent...cancelled flight and video games and going to see a female friend as well as other over 2 hours away and no internet access can do that to you but I got MP3 and playing it like for REAL! What did I find out?

Besides that is frickin' AWESOME of course!

1.It uses your Wii System friend code, NOT a game specific code! Sweet...perhaps Mario Kart and Smash will do the same, ooops!

Well what Metroid Prime 3: Corruption does is looks at your roster of friend codes and sees who has a save file of MP3 and then it appears in black and not shadowy in the game....and I am not 100% sure how that works...

2.They are NOTachievement points. What are thye? Tokens to be used to buy extra content like art galleries and soundtracks and such. There is a friend roster thing but I haven't looked into it, none of my friends have it.

3. Tokens can be gained by more than just SCANNING and beating bosses. I took my ice "weapon" (Spoiler free enough? We ALL know there is an ICE weapon in just about ALL Metroids!) and shot some reptile creature and got "ICY REPTILE" token. Sweet, huh?

Good stuff huh? Well I am going to run back to it. Got to play with my baby! I am looking to play this ALL night! Spoilers tomorrow, anyone?

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