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The Best and Worst Games of 2016 as decided by NUMBERS!


I like numbers. I like lists, stats, graphs, all that nerdy stuff (but I suck at math, accounting and spreadsheets). So here's a list of this year's best games as decided by reviews listed on Gamerankings. But it's not just a copy/paste job. I combined review scores for games released on multiple platforms for the most accurate list. Not even Metacritic does that, and Metacritic sort of sucks with their weighted scores and letting all sorts of riff-raff reviews in. So without further ado here's the best games of 2016 as decided by review scores:

# 10 Civilization VI    Review average: 87.20
I remember my brother playing the first one way back in the day. It seemed revolutionary and super-confusing. I'd love to give the series a try one day, but I still think I would be really bad at it. But it's nice to see such a beloved and old series still going strong.

# 9 Pokemon Sun and Moon.    Review average: 88.07
The pokeymans. They are back. Will you show me them? I like that they've changed things up a bit for this one. I hope they'll change things more for the next game so I can play as something else than just a Pokemon trainer. How about a game with Officer Jenny infiltrating and trying to take down an international gang of Pokemon smugglers? No? Ok :(

# 8 Titanfall 2        Review average: 88.41
Now with singleplayer mode. And mechs + FPS is a good combo. Now if someone could only make another Shogo MAD game. Because mechs + FPS + anime is an even better combo. Actually, add anime to any game to make it better in my book.

# 7 Dark Souls 3        Review average: 88.93
So this one has a lot of fire in it. That's what I remember when I tried it. I made this weird mage guy who threw fireballs at everything. I'm not sure if that's how you should play it, but things died, so I guess I did something right. I also died. A lot.

# 6 Stardew Valley    Review average: 89.94
dick valley
Farming is back, baby, and better than ever. One of 2016's big indie hits. I've always liked Harvest Moon, but I feel that the series stopped evolving in the areas that mattered and evolved in the ones that didn't. But then came Stardew Valley and it was great. I still think Rune Factory 3 and 4 does some of the social stuff better though.

# 5 Overwatch        Review average: 90.97
Many video game sites say that this is the Game of the Year. But considering review scores, that doesn't make much sense. I mean, look. It's number 5 here. The game is good, but the porn is better. Overwatch was the big waifu gift to 2016. But what's important is that Mei is bae.

# 4 Inside        Review average:  91.12
The spiritual sequel to Limbo, and another big indie hit for 2016. You apparently play as a small child inside of something. I think. And then there's social commentary. I think. It gives you feels. I think. I haven't played it since I can't afford to buy that many new games.

# 3 Owlboy        Review average: 91.38.
That beautiful sprite art! Seriously, have you seen sprite art that good before? I don't think I have. And on top of that the game is also really good. Another indie masterpiece!

# 2 Forza Horizon 3    Review average: 91.86
Drive through a 91.86% accurate representation of Australia's east coast. Everyone is at the beach, nowhere else. That's horribly accurate. I would know since I've been there. Lousy pizza, but great cookies. Back me up on this, Nekro.

# 1 Uncharted 4        Review average: 92.71.
Drake is back. And this is his last game (supposedly). How nice for him to be in the best game of 2016 as decided by numbers. I've heard he settles down and plays Crash Bandicoot in this one. That doesn't seem very adventurous. I wish I could say more, but I've never played the Uncharted games due to a severe lack of Playstation consoles. But they seem really good.

Honorable mention: Battlefield 1. Review Average 87.19.
Just barely below Civ 6, so it's worth mentioning. This is not the first Battlefield game that has been made, despite what the title may indicate. It's about World War 1. Battlefield 2 is not about World War 2 however, it's about a war in 2007 that didn't happen. The first Battlefield game is about WW2, but is called Battlefield 1942. I guess Square Enix is making these titles for EA.

Here's the full list:
Uncharted 4             92,71
Forza Horizon 3        91,86
Owlboy                    91,38
Inside                      91,12
Overwatch               90,97
Stardew Valley         89,94
Dark Souls 3            88,93
Titanfall 2                88,41
Pokemon Sun Moon  88,07
Civilization 6            87,20
Battlefield 1             87,19


Now for something even more fun: The worst games of 2016! I have only included games that has gotten a certain amount of reviews. It no fun picking on some random mobile/indie game with only 1 review that no one really cares about.

# 11 (aka dishonorable mention) Trials of the Blood Dragon    Review average: 52.41
Blood Dragon is a fun Far Cry 3 spin-off. Trials is a fun series about motorcycles. Mix them together and you get...not fun? Yeah, I don't know how that happened.

# 10 Koi        Review average: 52.11
A game about a koi fish fighting for the environment. And was made in China. Maybe it's a critique of Chinese pollution. The Chinese government probably thinks this game sounds fishy.

# 9 Mighty No. 9     Review average: 51.17
What an appropriate title for the ninth worst game of 2016. The game that was meant to be a big middle finger to Capcom for their treatment of Mega Man, ends up with Capcom laughing instead. How sad.

# 8 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan    Review average: 49.50
What a shellshock! I blame Activision for this. Platinum Games are awesome and made an awesome Transformers game. Not to mention several other awesome games that doesn't have the word "Korra" or "Fox" in it.

# 7 Homefront The Revolution    Review average: 48.90
Korea is at it again. And this time they've taken Philadelphia. At least that's what wiki told me.

# 6 Coffin Dodgers        Review average: 41.73
Apparently, this is a kart racer. Where the racers are elderly people, racing for their souls against the grim reaper. I don't know if I think the title is bad taste or hilarious.

# 5 Alekhine's Gun        Review average: 40.42
This is the third games in a series about spies during World War 2. The previous games were called Death to Spies, and got better receptions, but were also developed by a different company.

# 4 7 Days to Die        Review average: 39.77
One of those survival and crafting games like Rust. I only know of it because I saw a cute girl on Twitch streaming it. And I spent more time looking at the girl than the game.

# 3 Bombshell            Review average: 39.61
Wasn't this was supposed to be like Duke Nukem except with a badass girl? The game would probably have been better if it had a male strip club and kissing school boys.

# 2 Umbrella Corps        Review average: 38.06
Did you know that Capcom released an RE spin-off in 2016? They did. And it was even worse than Resident Evil 6. Now that's talent.

# 1 Ghostbusters        Review average: 34.06
Of course the worst game of 2016 had to be a licensed game based on a movie. I didn't even see the movie. Was it as bad as the game?


And here's the complete list:

Trials  of the Blood Dragon    52,41
Koi                                      52,11
Mighty No. 9                        51,17
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan    49,50
Homefront The Revolution     48,90
Coffin Dodgers                     41,73
Alekhine's Gun                     40,42
7 Days to Die                       39,77
Bombshell                           39,61
Umbrella Corps                    38,06
Ghostbusters                       34,06

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