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7 games I should play in 2017


Right now I have hundreds of games on my shelf, and I'm sitting here watching my cat chase her own tail. 

So I went through and played a ton of games this year, and really flushed out my backlog. I didn't play every game to completion, but just enough to say "I could see myself playing more of this" or "Yeah no, you're going to the bottom of the shelf." 

What I want to do in 2017 is play a bunch more games that I've been looking to try for a while. Maybe not call it a New Year's Resolution, but more like a New Year's Suggestion. Some of these games are old, and some haven't come out yet, but either way I'm looking forward to trying them in 2017.


A little while ago I made a blog post about sex in video games, and mentioned in the comments that I'd never played Catherine.

That's pretty regrettable, since I hear the game handles the topic quite tastefully and is expertly written. Created by the studio behind the Persona franchise, it has top-notch talent behind it, and I remember playing the demo years back, when demos used to be a thing. 

I've seen this title around for as little as $15, and for that price it'd be a shame not to pick it up. I just need to get around to actually playing it when I do. 

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

Superbunny Hop, one of my favourite Youtubers, did a video on the original Rainbow Six, where he said it and it's close sequels were one of the few games to do tactical shooting justice in video games. 

Nowadays the Rainbow Six series is remembered for the Vegas games, which also sit on my shelf unplayed. Though I have very little incentive to play the Vegas games, I've been dying to go back to the original. 

Rainbow Six: Siege seems to have picked up an audience due to its well-paced gameplay, where every bullet counts and the environment is both your greatest ally and enemy. I haven't been playing many multiplayer shooters lately, so I don't think Siege is up my ally, but I'll gladly go back to the original some time in 2017.


I want 2017 to be a great year for murdering KKK hillbillies with a shotgun...

In video games, I mean. 

If you haven't heard about Dusk, that's your own fault. It's an amazing looking shooter taking inspiration from games like Quake, Heretic and Doom. Quite a few Youtubers were given keys to try a pre-alpha level, and it already looks like it's shaping up. The game's creator also has been giving away quite a few keys on his Twitter and Discord, so if you'd like to try the game before a demo publicly comes out, you have a pretty solid chance. 

My Twin Brother Made Me Crossdress As Him And Now I Have to Deal With a Geeky Stalker and a Domme Beauty Who Want Me In A Bind: or Ladykiller In a Bind

For some reason I just can't justify spending $30 on a visual novel, which is BS because I've played plenty of visual novels that were well worth $30.

And I'm sure Ladykiller in a Bind would be worth it. I don't have enough admiration for Christine Love, the game's developer. She's a talented writer and very provocative, and someone who deserves a lot of respect in her field. I can't say I'd ever played an erotic visual novel before, or ever wanted to, but if Christine Love made one I guess I better strap in!

I just need to stop buying fast-food for a week to justify spending $30 on it.


I can't say I've played too many NES games in my time. I was born long after that era ended, and none of my siblings were big into games until after I was born, so I didn't have anybody to insert their NES nostalgia into my impressionable young mind.

Then this year the NES Classic comes up, and seems to have a pretty strong lineup of games. I looked through the list and suddenly had a really strong hankering for playing the original Castlevania. 

In the past few years I've been dominating From Software's Souls series, which has quickly become one of my favourites. I've heard there are a lot of similarities between the two franchises, and I'd like to test that myself. I could end up hating it, but at the very least I'd like to give this game a good-honest try. 


I've heard from a lot of people that I'd really like the Hitman games, so I gave it a try. I started with Blood Money, which the consensus seems to be that it's not only the best one, but the only one that hasn't aged extremely poorly. 

So I try a few levels and think: "Y'know what, this is pretty good."

A few more levels bumped that impression down a few notches. It is a good game, but there are a few levels that ruin the pacing and are just too obtuse. I get that Hitman games are built on their replayability, but there were too many accessible mechanics missing. Why is it so hard to choke out one person? Why do I awkwardly have to juggle the camera around corners, instead of just sliding up the wall and having a corner view? Why do I move like a rubber ball in a beyblade dome? 

From what it seems, this new Hitman game has addressed many of those concerns, while offering more open environments than what were seen in Absolution. This game is definitely on my play-list for next year. 


When it comes to PS2 horror games, I think I have everything on lockdown. I own all the Resident Evils and Silent Hills. I've got Fatal Frame on my backlog. I'd like to try Haunting Grounds, but unlike my friends, I can't seem to find that one for a dollar at a yard sale. 

So the only PS2 horror game left that I know about but haven't played is Siren. Technically I have played it, for about ten minutes. It was weird, difficult to play and it has stuck in my head incessantly since I played it. It's so janky and messy that there's a so-bad-it's-beautiful element to it. Everyone is animated like they're in Bubsy 3D and have real actor's faces pasted on the 3D models. It looks awful, but kind of in the same way that Silent Hill's bad voice acting made the game scarier. That amateurish element lends to the haunting atmosphere.

With that out of the way, let's look at some other crap I need to get out of the way in 2017. 

Music to listen to: Michael Jackson

I've been listening to some MJ recently and I've been having such a good time. You can't help but dance to how funky and cool his music is. I've recently been getting into pop music, and I'd love to go through Jackson's musical history in 2017. 

Movies to watch: Don't Breathe

This one flew right past me this year. I wanted to watch it in theatres but never got around to it. I'm already seeing copies of this in second-hand stores, so I'll probably pick up a copy for $10 and watch it with my roommates. 

Things to do in 2017: Get a Job

I hear this one has been getting good reviews, but frankly it seems a little overrated. 

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