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And Then I Don't Feel So Bad


In such a time where things look bleak or dark, it’s important to remember the good times and what makes us happy. With all the day one DLC, Fee to play games, and general douche baggery surrounding our hobby, as well as “other” current events that may or may not have some of you on edge it’s very easy to give in to those feelings and feel miserable. It’s sad really because it’s simply not the end. Our story doesn’t quite end here, and as long as you’re alive and kicking another page will be written. Seems insignificant but what happens today builds the foundation for tomorrow. Something to think about for some of you.

So in-between all the cynicism and pessimism it’s important to remember the things we love and better yet to be thankful not only for those things but also for what we currently have and things yet to come. Here are but a few of our communities #FavoriteThings and I hope they bring a little joy and warmth into your heart this holiday season.  

[] SrChurros gives us a very nice opener with a list of his favorite things, many of which I also enjoy, especially making food that tastes good. I’m not an amazing cook so I pray things turn out edible but when it’s good it feels even better.


“My favorite things are:


- Being surprised by how good a game soundtrack is when I wasn't expecting it. I HAVE to grab headphones ASAP when this happens

- Finishing a Zelda gamae I never had finished before

- Replaying Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knucles

- Playing a main series Pokémon game

- Getting lucky in Binding of Isaac and get a REALLY overpowered item combination

- Hanging out here in dtoid

- Finding a cute cat on the streets

- Building crappy games

- Finding a new coop game that gf enjoys

- Cooking something that turns out to be delicious

- Drinking tasty beer

- Falling in love for a new Pokémon (like Goomy!)”


[] Casus Gaming describes the good times he’s had sharing gaming experiences with friends. One I couldn’t agree more with

“Being able to share games with friends is one of my faves. I remember my friend showing me Bloodborne and it almost instantly becoming one of my favorites. Or the other night we played Escape From Bug Island and Ride to Hell and had an amazing time laughing our asses off.

And now we can share games in ways we never were able to. Last summer a friend and I played Undertale together via Skype and we took turns voicing the characters. Since then we've been sharing our favorite visual novels with each other and reading them together.

The fact that we can share the things we love with others is something we take for granted, but I'm glad I'm able to.”


[] DeadMoon is a musician! Not unexpected but still surprising in a good way. Many of our community members have a talent of some kind and it’s always interesting to see this. Just goes to show you how diverse our little family here is.

“I love videogames, but I've been writing and recording music since I was 14 years old. I hoard mics and music equipment like there's no tomorrow! For the past 5 years, I've been recording music with my two best friends under various names. We bring in different musicians based on what's needed on a case by case basis. Our process is simple: We get everyone together, workshop some ideas, and try to finish writing/recording a song over the course of 8-12hrs in one day. We keep doing this with the same group of musicians until we have enough material for a release. We don't really share it or anything. It just feels great to have created something with people that we have a strong connection to.

Afterwards, we come up with a new band name and start from scratch! Like I said, the three of us have spent the last 5 years of out lives doing this! Almost all of my favorite memories (excluding sex...) have come from these sessions.

My time at Destructoid is definitely a close second (once again, excluding sex...), but recording these stupid songs/albums has been fulfilling in a way that I've never experienced anywhere else. It brings me alot of joy, and it leaves me feeling like a better person each time that we complete the cycle. Refreshed. Ready to move forward and become something new.””


[] What does OrochiLeona enjoy? The simple things, such as the act of giving


“People like yourself doing things like this. Simple bits of fun that balance out so much horribleness in the world. And doing it not for fanfare, but just because it's a nice thing to do and will brighten up someone's day.”


[] Now we have TheBlondeBass who gets bonus points for his creativity. I wanted to try and emulate the song this blog is named after but alas it was beyond me. You know what is not beyond me though, a bottle of Malta, as a matter of fact I have a whole case

“Rayman with numbers

And Smash Bros with losers

Anime with friends and code that makes sense

Rereading Scott Pilgrim and listening to swing

These are a few of my favorite things”


[] Khalid Eternal Nigh also shares with us a list, things of which I too enjoy and I’m sure many of you lovely people also enjoy, especially his keen taste in animated shows.

“A pet that snuggles under your blanket on a cold night.

Giving a gift to someone, especially not on a holiday, just to surprise them.

Making someone laugh.

Finding new music I end up liking and then sharing it with people who don't know about it.

Reading comic books underneath a blanket using a flashlight like I'm not a grown adult.

Bob's Burgers / Gravity Falls / Lupin The Third

Video games.

Richard Pryor

Debating with people online.


Mythological monsters/gods stories (The main reason I even play Shin Megami games is just to read the monster bios).

A good hug.”


[] What is GetNekKid’s favorite thing? Seeing those little glimmers of light in his day to day. It just goes to show how even some of the most ordinary or even simple things in life can really bring someone’s spirit up.


“My favorite thing is finding some good in a world that's been so engulfed in darkness. From a stranger holding the door open for you, or a child running around, playing with a toy. There's always something good when you pay attention.”


[] Remo Williams shares something he loves about the gaming community, and shares with it one of my favorite quotes of all time.


“My favorite thing, and something I see more often in the gaming community than anywhere else, is seeing people resist the temptation to "grow up." I think C.S. Lewis said it best: “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” I love listening to people that are passionate about games, or anime, or art, or music, whatever it is. I am 30 years old and I am a much more responsible person than I used to be, but I still draw, write stories, play games, and enjoy many of the same things I did as a child. The gaming community embraces this type of attitude more than most, and I love it for that. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with an Uruk-hai commander that needs beheading.”


[] Dephoenix really enjoys time spent with his two best friends, which is sadly not often. When that’s not an option he has no shortage of things to help bring up his spirits.


“Obviously hanging out with my two best buds is one of my favorite things. We got a chance to do it just yesterday. First time in a while since all three of us were together at once. Played some Smash Bros. Wii U, watched some videos, had some great conversations. Felt like old times.


When I can't hang out with my friends (which sadly happens too often, life intervenes) there are a few things I can go to to make myself feel happy. Games are a good go-to. Whether I'm replaying an old fave (Sly series, Ratchet & Clank, Mega Man Legends) or working on my backlog, games tend to make me happy. I also have a few go to, feel good movies, shows, and books that I can go back through when I'm in a funk. And I love to draw, so I can alway work on my characters, and creating stories and worlds (that I hope to one day share with people).


Probably the best thing I can do when all my old faves fail to cheer me up is to try something new. Try a new recipe I've never tried, watch a movie I've never seen, read something new. Sometimes experiencing something I never have just puts me in a good mood, even if I end up not liking it.


And of course, Destructoid. I'm not kidding when I say this place has given me a lot of joy. #Selfietoid put me in a real good mood and made me feel really happy. I was super anxious about joining in, but I'm glad I did.”


[] while I’m not a coffee drinker I’m certainly a coop player. Lysness and their boyfriend use PS4’s share play to bond over long distances. My how games can bring us together in spite of the distance between us.


“Playing Overcooked and Overwatch with my boyfriend has been a huge source of happiness for me lately. We're long distance, so playing games brings us together. Thank heavens for PS4's Share Play, which allows us to play local co-op games from a distance.


Also: really good cups of coffee, good podcasts like Reply All and Alice Isn't Dead (they get me through each day at work), everything Star Wars, the Donkey Kong Country 2 soundtrack (so underrated!), and albums that are good all the way through (Delirium by Lacuna Coil, for example).”


[] GoofierBrute’s Favorite things? What I like to call video game comfort food. For me that equates to a bowl of fried chicken.


“That's easy: playing through games of my childhood like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 2, and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I know those games like the back of my hand, so it's not like I get lost or have a hard time with them, but at the same time I can turn my brain off, not worry about anything, and just take in the music and gameplay. It's surprisingly calming.”


[] Man I’m really learning a lot about our community! Did you know Nanashi can ride a skateboard? I don’t skateboard as much as I repeatedly high five the floor with my body. For Nanashi learning anything, even a small maneuver, brings him some joy.


“I've found that learning new things to do (even if it's the tiniest little maneuver) on a skateboard fills this role for me lately. A little backstory on me, I skateboarded only street for my first go. All over my neighborhood with friends in the streets, at schools, churches, wherever and then they all disappeareded and I was left to quit also. Sad day. Turned to drinking (no really) and soon I found myself walking around all the time cranky seeing things I wish I could skate again. I was living with the achey, knee cracking pains of skating without actually doing it anymore. But yeah I came back to it a few years ago on a total fucking whim. Was bored, needed something to do. Only this time I started in skateparks where there was "transition" which means ramps and whatnot. I was garbage. All the years I spent kickfliping three stairs and manualling every curb did nothing for me. Transition skateboarding was a whole new level. But I kept at it, this really became my new hobby and I've been working at it for two years or so. Gotta tell you, it still feels so damn good to do something new or watch yourself advance. First it was getting around in the park without having to jump off my board. Then dropping in, Then Harder transition then rock to fakie, tail stall, 50-50 and so on. First time doing all that on a bigger than 3 foot ramp and first time on coping. It's kind of like a video game in that there are all these "challenges" and then the "achievements" of having done all that. And again, it feels great to get all that, even if I'm never going to be a pro at it getting the slightest bit better puts the spring in my step. Latest step forward is learning to slide my board (like a board slide) during a rock to fakie on the small practice ramp my local skateshop has. I'm getting close. Sometimes it doesn't want to move and I run off. But the first few times I tried it was super close. Okay so yeah that's my thing: skateboarding. Do it to feel young!”


[] CaseyCor takes some time to be introspective and has this to share with us


“Lately I've been trying to identify and participate in my #favoritethings more. Going through my past, figuring out what it is that helps relieve stress and keep me motivated. I'm working on recording a record, and as much as I love writing and recording, it can be really stressful. Taking breaks to play some video games or play with my cats and chinchilla is helpful.


Playing old video games with my grandfather might be my absolute favorite. He's been playing through Ape Escape 1 again lately. I forgot how much I enjoy that game, despite the poor camera and swimming controls. I'm planning a night of gaming with my grandparents on Christmas Eve. We'll finish up Ape Escape, then play through Donkey Kong Country 1. I am a DKC3 speedrunner from way back, and without his encouragement I never would have put the work in when I was younger. After that, we'll play some Banjo-Kazooie, which is a game my grandmother bought me while I was very ill as a child, and then finish up with Metroid Prime. I have a very good memory of playing Metroid Prime for the first time on Christmas Break at their house. I'm really excited to relive that moment.


I've been trying to get my hands on an NES Mini to give my grandfather for Christmas, but we all know how difficult that is. I'd like to build him a Raspberry Pi emulation station instead, but it's a bit too complicated for him to run. The NES Mini is much more his speed.”


[] NinjaSpeed was not interested in the chance to win an NES Mini, but he was interested in sharing with the things that make him happy


“Well, We Bare Bears and Star Wars Rebels make me happy in terms of animation. Sonic and Kirby make me happy in terms of games. I wanted to share that, but I'm not interested in an NES Classic, so please don't send one my way. It's cool and all but I'd rather have an N64 Classic since I've almost never touched that system.”


[] Morpho is very straight forward with what makes him happy, a certain warmth that is found both in the heart and elsewhere…


“Porn makes me happy.

As if you're fucking surprised.”


[] Did you know we have something called Friday Night Fights as well as the dtoid master gaming list? There are a great many ways for you to enjoy some quality time with your fellow dtoiders. You don’t have to take my word for it though, Gamemaniac3434 has certainly enjoyed his time playing with other community members, as well as DOOM. Especially Doom.


“DOOM and playing with dtoiders online always makes me happy. DOOM because its so cathartic and fun, and it just relieves my stress. The combat is tight and it feels so good to rip and tear guts that it just relieves the stress so quickly. And playing with dtoid friends is just great fun-I have few in my day to day, and being able to play with people I talk to near all the time is a fun extension of our hobby to have some fun with each other.”


[] Conversation can certainly bring a smile to someone’s face. Weslikestacos loves interacting with the community, so don’t be afraid to drop him a line and get involved.


“One of my favorite things is logging onto Dtoid and seeing that little red circle next to my name lit up. It's so simple. Usually, it's a like for one of my comments. If I'm really lucky, it's a response, a little interaction from one of you lovelies that gets me through the day. It's great to feel noticed by people, and it's even better when it's from people like you.”


[] While a great many things may make him happy Fuzunga has a particular song that really does it for him.


“This song right here:



It reminds me of when I first got my GameCube for Christmas when I was 11, and all the amazing times I had with my friends playing Smash Bros Melee. I listen to that song and I'm instantly transported to Happy Town.”


[] Robo Panda Z has some kind words to share as to why animals and you lovely lot are their Favorite things. Speaking of animals you get bonus points if you know this guy right here


“Of course there's video games, anime, and the like, but two things really stand out.


The first is animals. I adore them. I want to be near them all of the time. I'm the person that you look at if it takes more than a few minutes to find your pet (I might have stolen it). I'm the one that sees the person walking the dog as an accessory to the dog. I once sat in 100% humidity, 95F weather just to pet some golden retrievers (I start to melt around 80, even without the humidity). My twitter exists solely for cute animal pictures. They make me happy.


The second is all of you. I'm really bad at staying active in communities, because I'm extremely self-conscious and generally don't believe myself to be liked by others. I have a hard time staying in contact with friends. Everyone here has accepted me and made me feel valued and loved. That's kept me going in some tough times this year.”


[] Bad things certainly happen and 2016 was no exception, but even so Saxman234 had a lot of growth this year and overall seems to be coming out ahead.


“Besides obvious things like my fiancee and cats, I would group my personal life developments of 2016 into my #favoritethings category.


I can agree that the world went to shit in 2016 (Fuck2016) but I also got engaged and bought my first house this year so I made some awesome positives come out of a dark year.”



[] That was very long but I’ll need your attention for but a moment longer as I share my Favorite things as well as the winner of that NES Mini.


I am a very simple person; I don’t need much too really make me happy. I don’t need fancy or complex things; I don’t need to have anything extravagant either. The things that make me happy are my Family, simply being a blessing to others and one more thing. For those of you who don’t know I do believe in God, and I also believe that he blesses me to bless others, so when I was given the opportunity to get a second NES mini, and I had the cash to buy it, I knew what I wanted to do. As a kid growing up there were just some years I did without, but even in those times where money was tight and our future uncertain we still had each other and that was enough to make us happy, still is. 


Now what is that other thing that makes me happy? well it's quite simple. It's all of you lovely people

 Destructoid is like my home away from home, I’ve met so many fun and interesting people here, and I’ve had some pretty cool experiences during my time on this site. FnF, N.A.R.P'S, the gift exchange, and a whole slew of other things that I’ve experienced over the years. It’s become my home away from home. Sure we fight some times and other times we may feel tired and distant, but in the end it’s still home and I always find myself coming back.


No matter where you are or what your plans are this holiday season I wish all of you the very best, not just on the holiday, but every day. Hopefully this blog put a smile on your face.


And as promised the winner of the NES Mini(by random selection; having been selected the most out of all drawings) is: SrChurros! Check your inbox buddy as I’ll have sent you a message there detailing the things I need from you to have it delivered.


Thank you all once again for reading. On behalf of my Family, Merry Christmas and happy Holidays.



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