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2016 in Review - A compendium


Hello everyone, the wine is poured and I'm ready to finally do this blog looking back on 2016. It's been a very eventful year hasn't it? There have been births, deaths, and all sorts of things that happen in between those two things. One of the things that happened with me is that I got back into doing stupid Photoshop/GIMP Edits, so without further adieu, here are all the stupid things I've made in the name of Destructoid. (Feel free to ooh and ahh appropriately)

Let's start off with some general industry stuff

I call this next part my Sean Murray period


This one was an actual comission, I got paid in exposure.

This segment will return...maybe.

Now onto the good stuff. The stuff that involves Dtoid users.



It's subtle ;)

I still have the template for this so I can make these whenver.

Back to Torchman for the inevitable Waifu War 2


This one I'm actually kinda proud of. It was the first one I did so I put more effort into it than any of the others. If you look closely you can see a long lost user there. #RIPOuyaSanders

Speaking of Ouya Sanders, let's move into the final part of our journey. I can't take credit for these next two but they were essential to my blogging this year. Super special shoutout to Inquisitive Ravenclaw for the edit that changed a medium....or did it doom it?

(Edit by Inquisitive Ravenclaw)

(Edit by Inquisitive Ravenclaw)

With these image edits in tow we set forth on a dark political drama with twists and turns that no one could see coming. OK anyone who knows me could see what was coming but still did we enjoy the ride? No? Then go to hell.

And now we come to the end, let us remember all we lost this year and the sacrifices made by those who saw their lives not as something to be used for them, but something for a greater cause. Everyone, please remember Ouya Sanders.

Good night all, and I hope 2017 doesn't kick you in the teeth!

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