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Top 10 Forest Themes in videogames


Forests are usually the first areas you encounter in a videogame, sometimes they can appear quite late on in a game. Whenever they appear, forests in videogames tend to have some really brilliant music playing in them. Forest music is often very serene and calming and they tend to be some of the most memorable. As such I'm going to share some of them with you all again... because I feel like it. I don't want to bore you with talking about my stupid lists anymore so I'll just let the music do the talking:

10. Final Fantasy V - Moore Forest

A very melancholic forest theme, it has a nice rhythm to it. Plays just before a very tragic moment too which is quite fitting. This forest also appears quite late on in the game and the music kinda reflects back on your long journey, at least that's how I felt listening to it.

9. Chaos Legion - Forest

Who said that forest music had to be serene? This song not only manages to fit in with all the action but it also has a dark ominous feeling looming throughtout it. Even the legion music at 3:28 sounds ominous, very fitting for an enclosed area like a forest at dusk. Forest can be equally as frightening as they are beautiful.

8. Valkyrie Profile - Forest Of Woe

Like all of Valkyrie Profile's dungeon themes, there are plenty of heavy beats in this. Compared with other songs however, this one seems to be a bit calmer which is a good indicator that this is a forest theme. I also like the flute in this a lot. This entire area was a breath of fresh air thanks to this music.

7. Tales Of Phantasia - Mystic Forest

What a brilliant way to start the game. This song practically sets the stage for the rest of the story and it alone was enough to pull me into this game's world. Definitely a memorable track, shame this area is really short though.

6. Eternal Sonata - Heavens Mirror Forest

Here's something a little differrent from Motoi Sakuraba, he usually uses a flute for many of his forest themes whereas this song uses a Piano/keyboard. It still has some of Sakuraba's many quirks in it though. In addition, this song is a lot longer than most of the forest themes he has composed and while this would usually be to it's detroment, it manages to work well here since the song is consistantly good the whole way through and the song transitions a lot between differrent sections. In a way this song is kind of a mish mash of lots of differrent songs melded into one. I wouldn't be surprised if that was true to be honest.

5. Final Fantasy XII - Salikawood

I liked the Salikawood, after going through the hell that was the Mosphoran Highwaste, this place was a well deserved respite. The best part is that there is only 1 trap on the whole map and it's right near the entrance to Nabudis... (I have the strategy guide for a reason) well that would be the best part if it wasn't for the amazing music that played there. Lots of primitive styled instruments are used here to give a natural feeling to it alongside Hitoshi Sakimoto's usual excellence.

4. Kirby 64 - World 1-2

Sometimes the best music is the music that puts you to sleep. Heck when I can't sleep, this song plays in my mind... then I end up getting up in the early hours in the morning to play some Kirby 64. I like how this song is more calming than the other forest songs in Kirby games. Many of them are upbeat which is nice and all but I'll take this over catchy jingles anytime. Kirby 64 is one of those games that is instantly nostalgic and music like this is one of the biggese reasons why it is.

3. Chrono Trigger - Guardia Forest

It should be a sin to not have this up on any top 10 forest theme list. This song kinda feels like overkill when you first hear it but you just don't care because this song is a drug. You can feel the constant ticking of time as this song plays which fits chrono trigger very well. It really gives you the feeling that time is ticking wherever you go.

2. Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings And The Lost Ocean - Moonguile Forest

Just so Shade doesn't kill me, I put this song above Chrono Trigger. Happy now? Well technically I do find this song better than Chrono Trigger in a way. I like the steadier pace this song has going for it. I also like how they added little sounds in the background of this song too. Normally this sort of music would get #1 on a list and I did consider it at first, even so much as to surpress my inner fanboy. However my #1 managed to trump this song in one area leaving this at number 2. I tried, I really did but I'm afraid I cannot lie about my lists, that would make it less authentic wouldn't it?

1. Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria - Forest Of Spirits

I think we all saw this one comming. It was actually very difficult to rank this above #2 but I prefer this song personally because it has more of a rhythm to it. Like with every location in Valkyrie Profile 2, the music symbolizes the area's historic importance whilst not forgetting its ambiance. Despite the fact that this area is very lush and mystical, the elven race that inhabits it are pretty much lifeless, they are just humanoid puppets who are doomed to serve the gods for all eternity. The music uses a combination of low and high notes to balance out the serene feel with the somber mood of the forest. Even the title of this song "The Wavering Of Another Age" summerizes this since the elves spend years of their existence watching the world, in a way the constant repetition in this song sybolizes this feeling. Maybe I'm overanalyzing... but that's what this game's music does to me. I think it kinda speaks for itself just how brilliant this game's soundtrack is since it ranks #1 on all but one  of my top 5/10 lists.


So that's it, I tried to add some non-RPG's here but I'm afraid JRPG soundtracks are just so damn good, why do you think I play so many of them? What about you guys? Is there a song that I have forgotten about like the one in Super Mario RPG? Do you like any of the songs on here? Or do you hate any of them? What about the games themselves? After all good games tend to have good music... and vice versa (lets just ignore Eternal Sonata and Final Fantasy XII exist for a second). Am I annoying you with these lists? Should I stop making them? Or should I continue to annoy you with my stupid opinions (which I love to do)? Disqus exists for a reason people, use it!

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