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Sten Lee First Blog and Introducing my passion about games!


Stan Lee

Sten Lee here, unfortunately not family of Stan Lee

As a new member of Destructoid (honestly I hadn't heard of this site before someone posted it on some game forum) I was thinking about how to make a blog. Writing is not something I do a lot but there is no time like tomorrow and learning new things can be quite fun. So as this is a website about games by gamers, I will be making a blog about who I am and what I do. So I just write and hope you guys enjoy this blog :D

Sooo let's start. I am Sten (yes that is my real name) Lee (yes that is my real name as well) the thing is my parents don't know who Stan Lee is. So they almost named me after an awsome person (no serious I love Marvel).  Besides Marvel I have a broad interest in a lot of things. They range from playing games to reading books. And everything in between. I started gaming when I was little and my dad had a commodore 64 (yeah I know) I wonder how many people actually know what that is... Anyways I played my first game called Ninja Rabbits:

NInja Rabbits

Look at those graphics. Sure compared to now it doesn't look very appealing but as a kid it was a really fun game. Back then you had the PSX already, but my dad was really into old stuff (well for him it wasn't that old). From there my love for games grew and before I knew it I was visiting the library because you could rent games (and rip them). As I played games I saw this Epic Game. Called FF VII. This really kickstarted a whole new genre for me. Namely RPG's. I was so taken in by this game that I played non stop. I mean c'mon FF VII! Who didn't play this game anyway?


Actually I have played to this day every FF game there is, even if I had to play them in Japanese (which btw I don't understand a word of it) except the online versions (XI and XIV). But man, do I love this series. I think Square Enix, Square Soft back then did an awesome job with this series. Another game that really had me going was/ is Pokemon. I remember getting a Gameboy for my birthday with Pokemon Red. I still play Pokemon (like Moon and Sun) but still have the others like Diamond, Saphire, Silver & Gold. I mean it is something about this game and I can't explain what it is. So I played in home, on school or wherevere as soon I had some time I pulled out my Gameboy and started playing Pokemon. I can go on for hours talking about games but I will leave that for another time. Trainer red

For now I will stop talking about it and will talk (write) about some other things about me that are not game related (well not really). So first and foremost I'm a cat and kittens geek. I mean I adore cats, they are so cool and cute. Well kittens are the cutest. I mean really I stop and try to pet every cat I see whenever I am outside. Or kittens. When I'm with friends and they "suddenly lost me" they always know that there must be a cat and/ or kitten somewhere and I am petting it. cute kittens

I mean just look at them... how can you not feel anything when you see those fluffy, cute and loving creatures? Okay I will stop now spamming about kittens and how cute they are, for now.

In real life I work. For the time being but I am also an Indie Games Developer (well it started out as a hobby) but I am serious now about makeing games and earn a living with it. How cool would it be to earn a living with that you love the most? Games? I also want to share my love for games with other people so recently I started to record games while playing them or makeing First Impressions of games. It is still new to me but I really have a lot of fun doing it. Sure the qualiy isn't that good and there a lot of things that can be better. But I really enjoy it. And I have fun doing it as well. And for me that is the most important thing. 

So while I'm typing all of this I realize I am back talking about games... but yeah I love them so what can I do about it?

So actually I really liked and had a lot of fun writing this first blog and if you made it this far thanks for reading and till my next blog :D



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