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Video Game Music Compilation 53


Hello, and welcome to yet another addition to the wonderful VGMCs! If you're new to my little series of Video Game Music Compilations, let me give you the brief rundown on how this goes. You listen to baller video game music that I provide for you, as you read my descriptions of it. Sometimes theres some sort of theme or specific OST I choose for the VGMC. Not this one though; this is a plain Jane, random mix of all the fun stuff you could've found anywhere.

Well, without further ado, here you go!

Menu Theme - Segius Arena

Now what's a more badass setting for a fight than the classic Roman colosseum, huh? Probably being on the back of a mecha-dragon flying through a laser mine field in space with other laser-breathing mecha-dragons. That sounds pretty badass. But regardless a Roman colosseum is pretty dang badass, and the booming orchestra this menu theme utilizes is great at getting you pumped up and feeling epic for your glorious throw-downs to come. The slow parts are a nice change of pace, but the parts with the more prominent instruments, like the trumpets and vocals, are absolutely great at expressing that classic, Roman colosseum feeling. Plus the quick pace helps carry the energy, making it all the more powerful and epic.

Afterburner (Climax Mix) - Beyonetta

Staying on track with epic as all hell will allow, this piece is very energetic, with tons of rock and metal guitars along with the beautifully crafted synth melodies. The awesome and catchy core melodies hold a somewhat serious tone in them, but are also kinda fun. The chaotic bustle of the guitars, drums, piano, and chimes not only help reinforce this, but overall add a whole layer of energy and excitement on their own. It's a great song to imagine slaying angelic baddies to, gracefully mopping the floor with each one. So exciting to think about, no?

Jungle Cave - Blasting Agent
(No YouTube link, sorry :c ) https://axolstudio.bandcamp.com/track/jungle-cave
This one is very pepped up, energetic, fast paced, and just downright fun, which is pretty fitting for a level in a jungle thick of gunfire and bombs. The synth/chip-tune style is a very good choice, as it perfectly couples the very retro visual design of the game. The bass of the core melody is smooth and fun, and the way it kicks into the song is almost explosive… Almost like a blast… Like a blast an agent would make. Maybe a… Blasting Agent?! Ha, but in all seriousness, the sudden and powerful nature of the bass and main melody very much suits the game itself. Good design, honestly.

Level 4 - Fancy Pants Adventure: Remix

Oh baby, oh boy, oh dear. This is another good example of good design. This is the music for the one stage in the Fancy Pants Adventure: Remix that isn't in the first game, and in this moment where the player simply doesn't know what to expect, they're hit with a piece so… itself. The wintry, almost melancholy start is the perfect way to lead into a more energetic and catchy part of the song. It's fantastical, beautiful, and full of life and adventure. It's use of violins, acoustics, chimes, and drums are well composed into a piece of beauty that is a wondrous complement to the already wondrous additional stage.

WonderPutt Theme - WonderPutt

Continuing and ending on the note of beauty, this theme is absolutely no different. Being a mesh a synth ambience, this piece hammers the nail on the head when striving to create an almost magical atmosphere. The space-y vibes are strong and damn pleasant, too. It's all so charming, and it suits the simple yet elegant visuals the game was going for. The entertaining experience is made such a relaxed one because of this song, and it's so wonderful for it. I mean, c'mon. Waltzing through the changing world of WonderPutt is only made more blissful and fun with this playing in the background. Don't even dare lie to yourself.

Welp, anyways, that was my 53rd installment of the VGMCs. I hope you liked the music, enjoyed the little tidbit write ups I did for them, and are ready for more. Because I have a lot more to come. Quite a lot more, in fact, that I'll be writing nothing but these until I finish and review one of the best (and most difficult) games I've played in a great long time. So prepare those delectable earholes, because they're gonna be washed over with VGM for a while!

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