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Probably the world's worst AMA Part 2: Teh Anzwers


Thanks to all of you for asking your Questions. I'm gonna answer them all so I should just dive right in, as this is likely to be a pretty lengthy affair (something I'm yet to have)

KoF 98 or Kof 2002?
I spent an insane amount of time with KOF '98, hundreds of hours, so it will remain close to my heart forever. But '02 Unlimited Match is my favourite KOF game, mainly for its incredible roster and cool portrait artwork.

Do you like dogs or cats?
Both. But I'm probably more a cat person. I had a cat called Charley, we were really close. I miss him. Also, Catgirls.

Favorite vacation spot?
I rarely go on vaction, but in 2002 I spent a couple of months in Japan. It was an incredible experience, and some of my most favourite (and weirdest) memories are from there. I remember sitting outside Shinjuku Station on a Saturday nght for four hours, just watching people coming and going on their nights out underneath all the neon lights, with street artists coming along and displaying their mad skillz. It was something else, brother.

Slap or being slapped?
If I was actually pushed far enough to slap a person, I'd probably just punch them. I'm used to being slapped from mah Pro-Wrestling days, so Being Slapped.


Harley or Ivy?
I love them both as a duo, but it isn't even close. Ivy all the way.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 or 3?
Alpha 2
is probably my favourite Street Fighter. I appreciate Alpha 3's great roster and Karin, but Alpha 2 holds too many memories.

Terry Bogard or Rock Howard?
Terry Bogard for legacy's sake, but Rock is cool as fuck. The fact SNK haven't utilised him in recent years is ridiculous.

Drifting Deadlock:

Would you like it if a Beat 'Em Up RPG existed?
I genuinely consider the Yakuza series to be just that, and I think those games are amazing. KOF had an RPG in the 90's, but it was never localised.

Guilty Gear or Blazblue?
Both games are gorgeous, that's for true. I've played more Blazblue, but I've been getting into GG Revelator this year. That might be the better game.

Chocolate or caramel?
Chocolate is a vice of mine. Caramel sometimes makes my throat close up *shrugs*

Metroid or Castlevania?
My favourites are Super Castlevania IV and Symphony of the Night, which I only maxed out last year. I'm dang slow at completing games.

Do you see potential in me possibly seeking a career in game design, starting my own company, and making a mainstream game? Refer to question one.
You should push for that career if that's what you love doing. Starting your own company today is easier than ever, but, the downside to that is a severely overcrowded market. If you have an incredible game that starts to blow up like Fez or Undertale, go for it, otherwise, get the credentials and start the company, but be ready to transition to a bigger company if they want to take you on.

And yes, make a Beat 'Em Up RPG, with romance options.


Do you think we'd be friends in real life?
I don't see why not, though you might eventually tire of my constant analysis of everything. It'd be fun until that point though. You seem like a good person with a great sense of humour. Besides, this is real-life and we are.

Do you feel embarrassed or self-conscious telling new people you're into games/anime?
I don't feel like I'm into anime enough to tell people I am. I'm more a casual viewer. Anime was banned in my house as a kid, I had to keep videos under my bed like they were porn (Which I guess some of them are)
I'm never embarrassed about telling people I'm into games. Ever.

Do you have any pets?
Not currently. I've had a cat, two dogs and a cockatiel in the past.

Do you think my dog is cute?
They don't look too stoked to be wearing that hat, haha. But yeah, looks like a cool friend.


Fuck, Marry, Kill: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander?
Umm... There has to be a logical way to go about this....
Fuck Charmander for the angry sex, Marry Squirtle for long-term water to keep me alive, and kill Bulbasaur as I can re-grow him afterwards and not feel bad.

If you could pick one video game universe to live in, which would it be?
That's one of my own drafted interview questions, funnily enough.
There's so many, but probably the Mass Effect universe. I love the characters, the worlds, the style and technology. It seems like a fascinating place to live.

Would you rather live in the Star Wars universe, but be unable to become a Jedi/Sith, or live in the Pokemon universe, but be unable to be a Pokemon trainer?
Star Wars
, easily. It's an incredible world full of cool opportunities, characters, tech and exciting roles and adventures even if you aren't one with the force. If you live in the Pokemon universe but can't be a trainer..well.. there's fuck all else to do really, maybe be a shopkeeper.

If you could choose how you would die, what would you choose?
There was a time where this was a question I asked myself all day, every day, with concerning precision. But today, I'm not sure. Either surrounded by people I care about, or on the front-line whilst working for Overwatch.

You can bring one fictional character to life, who do you choose?
Mercy from Overwatch. I think the world and its populace could use some serious healing. She could make the sick well again, and spread a lot of love. We'd find some way to ruin it though, so it's probably safer for her that she stay in the world of fiction

Two parter, 1) what game has disappointed you the most and 2) which game were you the most surprised to like?
I remember being really disappointed in Max Payne 2 when it was released. I adored the original but felt really let down by the follow-up. Too many staircases.
After years and years of God-awful Batman games, Arkham Asylum was a wonderful surprise. It's now one of my favourite games of all time.


Why do birds suddenly appear, everytime, you are near?
I'm made of sunflower seed and nuts.

Favourite chocolate bar?
I like the combination of chocolate and mint, and chocolate and peanut butter. So Mint Aeros, Reese's products, Mint M&M's etc

What IP would you like to see turned into a videogame?
I'd love a Birds of Prey action-adventure. Some cool co-op opportunities.
Also, a Disney Princess fighting game. Scratch that, a Destructoid Community fighting game.


Favorite condiment?
Chilli Mayo.. mmmmmm..

Fav Overwatch gal? (Be careful, answer will determine wether we can be friends or not.)
I love all the OW girls. Pharah and Sombra are real cool. For what it's worth, Mercy is my main.

Origin of username?
Leona Heidern is my favourite King of Fighters character, a character I've been playing as for over two decades. Orochi Leona is a form she takes when a dormant gene overcomes her and she assumes a violent, frothing, animalistic state. Leona works constantly to keep this form under control, but it occasionally breaks free.

Fav mech anime?
I'm not really a Mech-Anime person, but I really appreciate the influence and legacy Gundam has on animation in general. I've also enjoyed the Evangelion movies that I've seen. I watched Galaxy Express 999 this year, which had some cool mech-characters, but is probably not strictly Mech-Anime.

Fav non-anime cartoon?
I'm not a Brony, but I think MLP: Friendship is Magic is a smart show for kids growing up in the modern age. It has some good messages and some genuinely funny moments. I also like Jem and the Holograms along with a lot of 80's/90's animation, which I grew up with.

Hobbies other than art?
I love movies, REALLY love movies. I write, review and interview for various sites. I used to be a Pro-Wrestler, I restore pinball machines, and I'm part of a competitive FGC team, so I travel to local and national tournaments.


Have you ever played or seen something that was so engrossing that you felt like your soul got a boner?

In 2014, I saw Kate Bush perform live, only her second tour ever (the first being in the 70's) It was an incredible experience, not just a gig, but a full-on themed performance, with a narrative and special effects and the like. Genuinely, it felt like I'd left the planet for a bit. Food for the soul for sure.

What's your favorite game mechanic?
Though it isn't strictly a mechanic, I think we take for granted the ability to have 10 people, from all over the world, playing the same game, at the exact same time, with such speed and fluidity. It's commonplace now, we don't even think about it, but the ability to do that is technological genius. Online Multiplayer is a fascinating feat. When it works, of course.

How many children could you take in a fight?
Oh mate, fucking... loads. Just keep kneeing them in the face as they attack, right? Even the tough ones would be pretty easy to piledrive.

And finally, who would you take to dinner, Dante or Virgil?
I don't think I'd get on with either. Probably Vergil for the conversation. Dante's a bit of a slob, more the guy you go clubbing with, he could get you in all the popular places.

Inquisitive Ravenclaw:

Favorite gaming moment?
SO, so many.
Off the top of my head. I once completed Space Ace (the laserdisc game) in an arcade with a huge group of strangers watching. At the end, they all applauded me. Those games are basically brutal memory tests, so hardly anyone finished them in an arcade environment. It was a 1990 big deal.

In games themselves, Final Fantasy VII, Prince of Persia '08 and Arkham Knight all made me very emotional, I'll remember them forever.

Ask me something...?
Why "Inquisitive Ravenclaw" and what is your favourite gaming moment?


When are you at your best?

Practically, when I have to get something done, others are expecting it of me and are rewarding me in kind. So generally, when working. I'm also really good at micro-managing under pressure. Let's say a room needed re-arranging, there's five people to do it, and it has to be done before someone arrives in two minutes. I'd be on fire getting that shit sorted. And it would get sorted.

In terms of me as a person, I'm at my best when it's a 'good day', when the sun is shining, and we are having fun, whether out and about or just chillin' indoors. When I'm at my best, I love who I am.

What do you find attractive in a person?
Physically, I'm attracted to nice eyes, attractive legs and feet and a good smile. As a personality, someone who knows themselves well, remains themselves in a crowd (as opposed to automatically latching onto the popular opinion of the group) and is really adventurous and open-minded. Nothing is sexier than someone who is unashamedly having fun, and nothing makes me want to know you as a friend than the ability to stay true to yourself.

When was the last time you laughed honestly and openly?
The header image to this section. I genuinely laughed out loud at this.

Have you ever surprised yourself?
All the time Occams, and fortunately it's usually in a good sense. Maybe it's practical, I'll handle a crisis far better than I thought I would, or skill-based, maybe I'll beat someone at a tournament who I thought I had zero chance against. As long as the surprises helps me to grow in confidence, as a person, and learn a little more about how my head works, then keep 'em coming.


Because we have no other choice... There's no time like the present... with Catgirls.

This was SO long, and all those pictures.. Gawd.. How not to format your piece 101.
But if y'all took the time to write questions, I wanted to take the time to answer. Thanks to everyone for asking Q's and double thanks to anyone who genuinely read all the way through this. I'm amazed how lengthy it is. You've read more than enough, so I'ma get outta here.
The first Community Interview should be coming together soon, with far less pictures and far more entertainment.

Hope you're all looking forward to it as much as I am.
Stay cool, homeslice x

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