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Oh, so THAT'S why they call it WET!

Wet, ever heard of that game? It's a new game by Sierra that stars some chick who apparently is very acrobatic. Her name is Rubi, awww! Just don't call her Rubi with a "y"...she HATES it! One time someone called her that and this is what happened:

Learned your lesson? Don't do it! We all know now that they call it wet cause she likes to soak in the tub and occasionaly likes a nice refreshing bevarage from a cooler fulled with ice. Some are comparing this game to Devil May Cry minus monsters but who knows what it will shape up to be like, it does come out in 2008. Another note, this game is being made by Articial Mind and Movement (A2M) and this is only news cause they tend to only do licensed games. Looks good so far...

Now, let's try to keep the maturity high even though the name with a female protag is begging for jokes or something.
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