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LeoSiegfried's "Backlog 2016"


For The Last 3 years i have made it a Tradition to keep track of all the games i have completed over the year i think it started on this site where there used to be a megathread in the OH forums where we used to do it but the forums here have vanished (dont know when or how)

I managed to do better this year than last i managed to finish Fire emblem Awakening i got hooked into the SMT series (alas via their spinoffs) some game as a trill to play (Gravity Rush VA11 HALL-A) while some were lackluster but mechanicly brilliant (Meiq) 

Sort Version of what i have finished this year

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited  
30/01/2016 16:00:00   3 final chapters was a bit too much  
Captive Market  
30/01/2016 22:00:00      
Bravely Default  
20/02/2016 21:30:00   Final Cutscene what a Twist Completely finished
Ragnarok Odyssey Ace  
20/03/2016 23:40:00   Was Fun and challenging  
Bunny Black 02/04/2016
02/04/2016 23:58:00   Why do all the good Dungeon crawlers have to be H-Games  
Disgaea PC  
30/04/2016 18:30:00   Rough start nice to see the series coming to PC  
Minako 07/05/2016
07/05/2016 17:00:00      
Bunny Black 2 22/05/2016
22/05/2016 23:40:00   Round 2 with more depth  
Fire Emblem Awakening  
06/07/2016 03:00:00   Finally good game took me way too long  
Shin Megami Tenseo Devil Survivor Overclocked  
24/07/2016 01:15:00   Glued me to my 3DS for a Month Completed All routes 100%
Shin Megami Tenseo Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker  
04/09/2016 14:20:00   Not as goods as 1st one but mechanicly better Daichi route
MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death  
20/11/2016 16:30:00   Mechanicly good story generic  
Gravity Rush  
27/11/2016 02:00:00   Was extreamly fun 100% no dlc
Atelier Rorona Plus  
22/12/2016 13:00:00   Suprisingly complex  
27/12/2016 02:30:00   Amazing Perfect balance of Character and Comedy and drama Finished in 12 hours exactly
Total War Rome 2    
 29/12/2016 12:48:00    Finally Finished  


Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited - Enhcanced version of Disgaea 4 for the PSV Hours of grinding with a vampire that refused to drink blood Decent game for those who like the franchise.  
Captive Market - Eroge game by Black Lilith set in the industrial era ur a disgruntled Mercenary who want to revenge on his clients by any means necessary.  
Bravely Default - Loved this game characters had personality although the 2nd half sidequests got tedious.  
Ragnarok Odyssey Ace - Is a fun game some of the online featues has been removed since the servers are offline but the general experience was good and challenging.  
Bunny Black - one of those come for the Porn stay for gameplay games a dungeon crawling game where ur on the defending side protecting the demons from the invaders above story is interesting dungeon crawling is Basic but enjoyable.  
Disgaea PC - The Series first installmant now on PC had a rocky start but now works like a charm the iconic cast witty as ever.THE GRIND IS REAL  
Minako - Generic H-RPG Game   
Bunny Black 2 - Since the first game was so good i played the second with a new antagonist characters and mechanics make this a fresh exerience in the new universe still about dungeon crawling.  
Fire Emblem Awakening - aka (waifu wars) was a good strategy game with a multiple options to apeal to a wider audience was enjoyable but way too easy to grind.  
Shin Megami Tenseo Devil Survivor Overclocked - Literally made me not put my 3DS down for a month marathoned it til i got all the endings my 1st entry into the SMT/Persona Universe and now im hooked.  
Shin Megami Tenseo Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker not as good as the 1st but has more unique characters (no time skip feature which is annoying as hell because you have to do cutscenes).  
MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death - A generic Dungeon Crawling game with a generic story that manages to be mechanicaly brilliant but with poor dungon design at times (so many dead ends just because they can) but was an enjoyable experience.  
 Gravity Rush (PSV) i picked some in some PSN sale like most of my backlog its always the sales that get you only got around to playing it november because one of my friends was playing the ps4 version and he seemed to be genuinely enjoying it which made me play it and its like a mix of destruction derby mixed with a platformer and its brilliant the the way you literally shift the gravity axis makes it fun and a pleasure to watch some of the callenges were annoying but the fun kind of annoying where u have to shave an extra second off and how you plan to do that with the upgrades some of the chellenges become a breeze reccomended to try a few times as soon as you come across them if not save em till later im already hyped for gravity rush 2.
Atelier Rorona Plus - was a game i played on and off throught the year its a cutesy time/shop/dungeon managment which i was suprised by its depth of mechanics i enjoyed playing it time to contine on the the sequels  
I binged on VA11 HALL-A just after Christmas its a Short game / Visual Novel and i LOVED it its not often i love games this much games that make you laugh and make you cry.i wont lie its not very interactive and has a lot of memes and references to pop culture, you mix drinks and listen to the clients all in their own walks of life with thier own problems some of the clients know eachother and helps you get a bigger picture of the issues surrounding them.its an amazing game the characters are charming and grow on you also The Soundtrack is Wonderfull a must get im listening to it as i write this its brilliant.
Total War Rome 2 Finally finished the Grand campaign after ayear playing on and off with my Co-op Partner  

Games Started but not finished but decently into the game

Trillion Tales of Zestria Lost Odyssey Monster Hunter 4U Xenoblade Chronicles X LoH Trails in the Sky
  Tales of Xillia 2   Fire Emblem Fates   Hyper Dimention Nep 2
  God Eater : Resurrection        
  Digimon Story Cyber Cleuth        



Heres to Another Year of Gaming 

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