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Dishonored DLC Review


Dishonored was a game I really enjoyed when it came out in 2012-a stealth using game with a lot of aesthetic style and a pretty enjoyable set up for play. With the sequel coming out at the end of the week, I figured it was time to dive back into the game and over the past few days I have devoured the single player campaign, blowing through the entire thing. I really like it and I find its aged pretty well, and I’ve decided to talk about the DLC-I may redo my Dishonored review later, as it is old and terrible, but for now I think it would be fun to muse on the damn good DLC.

First off, we’ll be ignoring the challenges DLC-I never bought it, and probably won’t. So, for ease of reading Imma be combining The Knife of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches-they constitute one cohesive story but have been split into two which I find a poor decision but its not a killer. So basically the story deals with Daud-the killer who was hired to murder the Empress and leads to the events of Dishonored proper. This is a really cool idea in my opinion-not only does it allow a different perspective on the world than what Corvo had, but it also allows Daud to get more characterization and in so doing he makes the entire game a bit deeper and richer. Its also convenient from a gaming perspective, considering he also is marked by the outsider and it does something pretty important-it fixes one of my largest problems with the main game because Daud speaks and feels far more interwoven into the world. I found that Corvo was a bit harder to get attached to-there are some dialogue bits, but these are merely textual and Corvo never speaks. He felt less like a part of the world than I would have liked, and his lacking personality made it a bit harder when his connection to Emily or presence in the world was leaned on. Daud doesn’t suffer from that problem-he does talk, though hes not overly chatty, and he really feels integrated into the world because he puts himself back into it.

Gameplay-wise Daud also has some interesting stuff going for him, with a blink ability that freezes time being a marked improvement over the originals blink and a few new tools like chokedust to escape capture if you want to play it without reloading. He can also call in favors to get extra runes, safe combinations and special changes to the world that make missions easier to approach from a different angle than might have been open prior, further embedding Daud and the player in the world.  I feel like all of these changes are nice in addressing issues the base game has, and gives me confidence the second one is going to be better. I also like the story here more-the death of the Empress tortures Daud and then the Outsider decides to watch him unravel a mystery. You slowly unravel a big ol conspiracy, and a pretty dangerous enemy that feels like a match for Daud-as much as she will for the second game, for she appears-I don’t know that its been confirmed-to be the main villain of the new game. I’m going to get into spoilers a bit here, so if you haven’t played the DLC I would recommend doing that if you plan on doing so. Basically you have to figure out who “Delilah” is-the single name being the hint to start your journey. Eventually you find out that its a witch-a women who has also been touched by the Outsider-named Delilah Copperspoon who has sinister plans that you must unravel and deal with as you see fit. Or rather, take the low chaos route because story canon wise thats the only way the second game happens the way it appears to be happening. I do like it-she feels genuinely threatening and unnerving in a lot of ways and figuring out her plan is an interesting trail.

You also deal with more of the gangs of Dunwall and some different parts of Dunwall  than before that helps flesh the city out even more-Brigmore mansion is especially interesting given how different it feels comparatively to other areas in Dishonored and via how much of a threat the Brigmore witches actually are. Overall, I really like this DLC-theres a lot of good stuff in there, the story and world building helps make the base game even more enjoyable and I would highly recommend giving it a try before the second one comes out to prepare you for it.


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