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Artist of the Week: Coconut Records. Directed by Wes Anderson.


Coconut Records is a fairly small artist. Actually, it's just one person, Jason Schwartzman. You might recognize that name as the actor who been in practically anything by director Wes Anderson. Fantastic Mr. Fox, Budapest Hotel, and more.

Coconut was formed as a solo project for Jason in 2006, 3 years after he stopped drumming for L.A. band Phantom Planet, a band that Jason had helped form and played with from 1994 through 2003.

Jason's first album was Nighttimes, recorded in Malibu and produced by Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger. It was released in 2007 and featured guests such as other members of Incubus and several actors such as Kirsten Dunct. Like all of the music of Coconut it's definitely a mid 2000s indie pop sound. The album only has one music video, West Coast, which features pro skater Mark Gonzales skating in Germany. The song also was in the film Cloverfield. Two of the tracks from the album were used in chewing gum commercials "Summer Day" and "The Thanks I Get." Summerday is also on the Spiderman 3 soundtrack. The CD version of the album contains basically a second album's worth of alternate takes as bonus tracks.

Not sure what the heck he is wearing, reminds me of a fencing outfit.

2009 Coconut released their next album "Davy." In not much of a surprise, given the acting background of Jason, he has contributed to many movie's soundtracks. The track "Microphone" on Davy was used in the 2012 film "LOL." 

Jason recorded the soundtrack to the film Goats, Funny People, and created the theme song to his own television show, Bored To Death

In some interviews he has claimed he is working on a new album, this interview on Billboard is from january 2015 and the article states

"Schwartzman says he's also working on a new album with Coconut Records. "I've put out music under this band named Coconut Records," he says. "And I've put out two records. Right now I'm just writing another record and hopefully gonna be making something soon."

So if you are looking for some nice chill out indie pop, I would recommend some of his stuff. Nothing ground breaking but it's a nice listen.

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