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Pacman is a carpet muncher


Etsy is usually a great place to find tons of wonderful game-based handicrafts. I've even bought a couple things from it for relatives, strangers, pets, and significant others. There are two problems with this however. One, I didn't find this on Etsy and two, this is FAR to expensive to be sold on Etsy.

What we have here is a quality hand-woven Pacman rug, is nice, yes? Measuring seven by ten feet, this is the rug you lay down before the fireplace before you make sweet love to your relative, stranger, pet, or significant other. Disappointingly, the ghosts only have one eye each. This is made up however by the fact that when you purchase this �1,087 monster you will in fact have two lives left.

An original, this rug is one of two in existence. I'll be buying this one, so someone else take care of the other one, eh?

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